After Came Under Attack Jeff Sessions Decided To Announce Something That’ll Make Trump And America Cheer!

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is reportedly preparing to announce a series of criminal investigations related to repeated disclosures of sensitive information to the press.

The report comes as the relationship between the president and the attorney general has reached its greatest point of strain.


The Washington Post reports that the Department of Justice will publicize criminal leak investigations related to the unauthorized exposure of classified information to reporters in the coming days.

A second Justice Department source told Fox News that the leak investigations have been underway for several weeks.

The report comes as the relationship between the president and the attorney general has reached its greatest point of strain. President Donald Trump has disparaged Sessions on Twitter in early morning tweets every day this week.

It seems he is out for a hunt and the Clintons are one of his targets!

I think we should let Sessions QUIETLY do his job. His intended targets of criminal investigations don’t need to be broadcast over the news and social media. Why give them advance notification of an impending investigation? Makes no sense to give them time to destroy evidence and witnesses in Clintons case. Quit trying to micro manage!!!

Jeff Sessions seems to be getting President Donald Trump’s message really clear… find the leakers and LOCK THEM UP. Also, go after Hillary Clinton and her goons!

Jeff Sessions is principled, intelligent with integrity and loyalty to President Trump…what more could we ask for in an Attorney General? Sadly, the Media and Liberals are doing everything to make the Trump team look awful. They tell so many lies they can’t remember what the truth is.

The only thing we want to hear from now on is that Sessions is seating grand juries for Obama and the rest of his administration and don’t forget the Clintons!

Do you support President Trump’s decision? Do you still trust Sessions? Share your opinion in the comment section below

Alex D.

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6 thoughts on “After Came Under Attack Jeff Sessions Decided To Announce Something That’ll Make Trump And America Cheer!

  • July 26, 2017 at 6:48 pm

    Jeff Sessions, is a loyal and trustworthy Attorney General, if left alone he will go down in history as one of the Greats. In 6 months he has demolished MS13, terrible gangs that kill for the fun of it. He has cracked down on Immigration illegals and Sanctuary Cities. He is a loyal team player and one President Trump should embrace. He will greatly hurt his Presidency if he continues down the path of attacking such a good man. Rod Rosenstein however, is a threat, he jumped at the chance to hire special council Mueller, who has been allowed to hire Clinton attorneys to investigate our President and his family, at the same time protecting Hillary. So if the President wants to go after someone it should be Rod Rosenstein, and quick.

  • July 26, 2017 at 7:48 pm

    Trump is wrong on Sessions. I have watched Sessions for years. Every single time there is a commotion happening, I would look around, and I would see Sessions fighting for Americans. Yes, a bad card was dealt when Sessions took himself out, but the truth is he had no choice in that. It became necessary AFTER he was sworn in, so Trump’s whining he wouldn’t have chosen Session is hindsight.

    Yet the bigger story is not really Sessions’ withdrawal. Trump not being able to deal with the cards he is dealt, is the real issue. It makes him weak in this area. In a war things don’t always go your way. How well you play out the cards you are dealt is the difference between leaders and great leaders.

    Further, Trump’s disloyalty to someone, as honorable as Sessions, on his team from the very beginning, is shameful. Yes, Trump could remove Sessions if he feels the need, no problem there. Sessions was damaged when recused. Being disrespectful in doing so, as Trump is doing is a disgrace Trump will wear not Sessions.

    Don’t get me wrong, Trump is absolutely necessary for America(ns) survival. What he is doing is disgraceful to someone who does not deserve such treatment. That makes Trump petty and petulant. Thump had better do some soul searching, while there are still good men will to serve with him. They have enough going against them in this climate without Trump antics.

  • July 26, 2017 at 10:00 pm

    I completely understand why AG Sessions recused himself. If he shut down the investigation of Trump and the Russians it would have looked like favoritism. There was nothing there. So now AG can go after Clinton, Lynch, Obama, Rice and Holder. President Trump just got ahead of himself. He should be more patient.

  • July 27, 2017 at 4:06 am

    What is going to happen to Jeff Session, who is a loyal& trust worthy Atterny General?

  • July 27, 2017 at 5:53 am

    I still have faith on the little big man AG Jeff Sessions. He will do his job without fail. I think he just doesn’t want to get mix up with the twists and turns most prying eyes can do. Too complicated scrutiny from people who only have plans to destroy the Trump Administration.


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