Breaking! Hillary Lost 60 Electoral Votes In One Week!

If the current trend holds, the Clinton campaign will see an Election Day collapse of historic proportion. Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has lost a substantial amount of support over the past week, particularly after the FBI announced it was reopening its investigation into her use of a private email server while secretary of state.

That loss of support has resulted in a massive decline in electoral vote totals for the Democrat candidate, as Clinton has dropped 60 electoral votes since last week, according to the RealClearPolitics projections.

Clinton, who still led Republican rival Donald Trump in the overall totals, boasted 333 electoral votes, judging by last week’s polling. Now those numbers have dropped to 297, with Trump at 241.

Although Trump still trailed Clinton, the fact that the gap was narrowing so substantially just days before the election was good news for Republicans.


Check out that map, from RealClearPolitics Friday afternoon. You don’t have to have a math degree to see that if it is accurate, and Florida flips to red, it’s game over.

And with four days remaining until Nov. 8, the GOP candidate still has time to convince voters that he is the best choice, especially when pitted against a Democrat candidate who is being investigated by the FBI for putting our country’s national security at risk.

So far, it hadn’t appeared as though Clinton had been able to overcome the blows to her campaign delivered by the hacked WikiLeaks emails and the FBI’s recent announcement — something Trump had been able to capitalize on in the final days of campaigning.

In fact, even liberal-leaning news networks had begun to admit that the GOP candidate did, in fact, have a chance of winning the presidency next week, as CNN recently reported six different ways that Trump could reach the requisite number of electoral votes.

One thing is for sure: The election may be a few days away, but it is far from over.

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