BREAKING: Trump Makes Deal With Carrier, Saves 1,000 Jobs

Donald Trump may not have assumed the helm in the Oval Office yet, but the president-elect is already saving jobs — including 1,000 from one of the most infamous outsourcers in America.

Carrier Corporation made headlines earlier this year when the announcement that a plant was closing and moving to Mexico was caught on video by one of its employees. It made the Connecticut-based company the face of outsourcing-related job loss and a common foil for Donald Trump’s campaign.

Now that Trump has become president-elect, The Hill reported that both Carrier and Trump have announced that an agreement has been reached to keep 1,000 of the company’s manufacturing jobs in Indiana.

Trump had previously announced that he was spending his Thanksgiving negotiating a deal with Carrier.

The New York Times reported that as part of the agreement to keep workers in the United States, the administration was “expected to reiterate their campaign pledges to be friendlier to businesses by easing regulations and overhauling the corporate tax code, according to a spokeswoman for Mr. Trump.”

This wasn’t Trump’s first victory over outsourcing since he became president-elect, either. Trump also announced via his Facebook page that Ford — another frequent sparring partner of his when it came to keeping jobs in the United States — had taken a major step to keep their workforce here.

“Received a call last night — from my friend Bill Ford, Chairman of Ford, who advised me that he will be keeping the Lincoln plant in Kentucky — no Mexico,” Trump said on his Facebook page.

This is one of the reasons why Trump was elected. For years, American leaders have thrown up their hands and asked what they could possibly do about outsourcing.

Trump didn’t waver, however. He simply went out and did it.

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