Breaking! Secret Service Rush Trump Off Stage After Someone In Crowd Reportedly Pulls A Gun!(video)

Secret Service agents rushed the stage, startling Trump who frantically looked around before ducking into their protective custody.As the Secret Service hustled and managed to capture the man with a gun, Trump fans began their “Trump, Trump, Trump” and the USA!” chants heard at every rally as protests are squashed.


We are hearing reports that a protester had a gun. Witnesses tell our reporters on the scene that as many as three people may have been involved in the incident.”

Still, there is no official reports but people in the crowd started to wonder if the attacker was an inside man send by the Clintons?


Secret Service Rush Trump Off Stage After Someone In Crowd Reportedly Pulls A Gun you can read the full article here

Posted by USA Supreme on Saturday, November 5, 2016

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Alex D.

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