BREAKING: President Elect Donald Trump SHOCKS With MAJOR Announcement

The ex-president Obama continues to shock us! Donald Trump is facing difficulties since the day he was elected. He has to make radical changes in the White House, but he must pass every obstacle in front of him. He was invited by Obama to the House. You are asking yourself why-Political Reviewer has the answer.

Barack Hussein Obama was given the shock of his life last night when Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the presidential election. Now, though he has spent the last few months assassinating Trump’s character, Obama is desperately trying to backtrack by inviting Trump to the White House in the hopes of convincing him to not destroy all of his initiatives.

Western Journalism reported that Obama called Trump early Wednesday morning to invite him to the White House on Thursday for a meeting.

“From the White House residence, the president phoned Donald Trump to congratulate him on his victory early this morning,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said. “The president invited the president-elect to meet with him at the White House on Thursday, November 10th, to update him on the transition planning his team has been working on for nearly a year.”

Though New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has been the lead of Trump’s transition team, it’s unclear at this time how much communication he had with the White House.

“Ensuring a smooth transition of power is one of the top priorities the president identified at the beginning of the year and a meeting with the president-elect is the next step,” Earnest added.

Though Earnest did not give any more details, Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway revealed a bit more about the call, saying it lasted into the “wee hours” Wednesday. She explained that Obama’s call came as Trump was given his victory speech, “so the call was missed at first.” Trump called the president back immediately after concluding the speech.

“Timing is everything,” Conway said. “And of course (Trump) called him immediately when he knew that…that was also a very cordial conversation among — you know, between two men who had been at battle, frankly.”

She added that Trump is “very excited for that meeting” with Obama.“Mr. Trump looks forward to going down to the White House and meeting with President Obama and having a smooth transition,” she said.

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