BREAKING: Obama Panics About Trump, Begs For Money In Mass Email

Hillary is becoming more and more desperate to beat Trump. She have spent hundreds of millions of dollars and she is constantly begging for more. This time, she had Barack Obama send out an email to Americans to beg for money.

Meanwhile, Trump has spent relatively very little money and is still tied or beating Hillary in the majority of the polls.

Here is what Obama’s email said…

Friend —

At the debate last night, we saw how crucial it is that we all roll up our sleeves and get involved in this race.

We saw exactly what’s at stake: Either we elect the most qualified candidate in our nation’s history — or we’re stuck with four years of a man who wears his ignorance as a badge of honor.

That difference is why I’m doing everything I can for Hillary. And I’m asking you to do this with me.

I know that my name isn’t on the ballot this time around. But all the values that you and I hold most dear — all the principles we’ve fought for and all the progress we’ve made over the past eight years: They are on the ballot.

And so are tolerance, democracy, justice, and good education for our kids. Whether we’re able to spend the next four years reforming our criminal justice system or whether we’re going to turn a blind eye to the problem, whether we’re going to spend the next term making inroads against climate change or denying its very existence — all of that is there when you vote. All of that is at stake.

There is only one candidate who’ll pick up the baton and continue the fight we’ve taken on over the past two terms.

That’s why I get so frustrated when I hear people say their votes don’t matter — there’s no such thing as a meaningless ballot! And that’s why I keep saying that I’ll take it as a personal insult if we don’t get out the vote and have Hillary’s back all fall long.

Please — for me, and for all the progress we’ve made these past eight years — let’s band together one more time. We can’t afford not to act. We can’t afford not to fight our hearts out. We can’t afford not to elect Hillary. Yesterday’s debate made that more obvious than ever. Can you chip in right now before Friday’s critical fundraising deadline to ensure that Hillary’s team meets their 2.5 million donor goal — and that, come Election Day, our country rejects Donald Trump and all he stands for?

Here is a screen shot of the email…


Clearly, Hillary’s camp is panicking because of what Trump is doing in this race. He is doing things no one thought possible just months ago and now Hillary is becoming desperate and has to beg for money by using the president.

H/T: Proud Conservative

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