Breaking! Kanye West: I Would Have Voted for Trump (video)

There have been reports recently that the rapper Kanye West is making threats to leave America permanently as he has supposedly been putting up with racism for far too long. He says that he has no wish for his daughter to go through what he has. But yesterday West made a U-Turn and shocked the world!

 Some concert goes obviously were shocked by the news, one attendee managed to capture the whole thing on his smartphone.

Hip-hop superstar Kanye West, who famously declared his intention to run for President in 2020, told a shocked audience in California that he didn’t cast a vote in the presidential election earlier this month, but if he did, he “would have voted for Trump.”

The reactions from fans on Twitter mimicked those at the concert; many were unhappy to hear Kanye’s albeit late “endorsement” of Trump. West is not the only celebrity to admit their support for Trump after the election was over. Earlier this week, Paris Hilton announced that she voted for Trump, saying she’s known him since she was a little girl”.

Kanye has become infamous for his onstage ranting and oddly phrased political statements. West was the one who said during the Hurricane Katrina telethon that George W Bush “Hated Black People,” so one could say the Republicans have made inroads in the West house. I mean if Kanye voted, that is.Video of yesterday concert is bellow!

Kanye West: I Would Have Voted for Trump! You can read the full article on the following link

Posted by USA Supreme on Friday, November 18, 2016

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