Breaking! Huma Email Exposes TRUTH About Hillary’s Email Server, It’s CONFIRMED( video)

A little more information has come to light with the Wikileaks hacked emails, and this one, unless I am a complete fool, proves Hillary committed perjury.In an email exchange between Huma Abedin and Justin Cooper, it is confirmed Hillary’s staff knew the private server had been hacked.


Since this email went through Huma, it is a pretty safe assumption Hillary was made aware of the hacking.

I should also note, the word “again” is used, which means it was attacked before.


So THIS hacking was not just a one-time incident and the security of the server would then have been a serious concern.

Hillary, during her many stump speeches and debate rants, talks about how seriously she takes national security, yet her personal server, where she discussed national security issues with hundreds of classified documents, had been hacked repeatedly… and she continued to use it.

Since she has told the American people and the director of the FBI it was not hacked, she is caught red-handed yet again.

And, this proves Comey or Comey’s investigators did NOT do the job they were supposed to when they investigated the case. Had they actually read this email, at the very least, Huma was would have been further questioned.

She would have had two choices: fall on the sword and say that she never told Hillary about the hacking, exposing her to a slew of charges, or rat on Hillary and finally tell the truth that national security is NOT a high priority for Hillary Clinton.

Someone needs to be in cuffs by the time we wake up on Monday morning, and it looks very much like that person should be Hillary Clinton!

There are reportsHillary’s best friend  Abandon her.Huma Abedin has VOIDED her immunity deal with the FBI. This means she has to sing or face jail time.Hillary Clinton no longer wants her around. According to reporters on Hillary’s campaign you can view the full article below the video

Breaking!Huma Email Exposes TRUTH About Hillary’s Email Server, It’s CONFIRMED you can view the full article on the following link

Posted by USA Supreme on Saturday, October 29, 2016

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