Breaking: Hillary Clinton To Be Indicted!(video)

According to sources close to the FBI Hillary Clinton is going down in flames.On Friday the FBI announced they were reopening the email investigation into Hillary’s mishandling of classified information.In a statement, the FBI said that they discovered “new emails” pertinent to the earlier investigation on “several devices.” Several news sites confirmed this information!


Reports indicate that one phone device belongs to Anthony Weiner and the other phone device belongs to his estranged wife Huma Abedin.

There are even reports that Hillarys’s best friend abandon her Huma Abedin has VOIDED her immunity deal with the FBI. This means she has to sing or face jail time. Hillary Clinton no longer wants her around. According to reporters on Hillary’s campaign, Abedin is no longer sitting near the front cabin on her plane to Florida. She is nowhere to be found this morning. 

Sources inside the FBI say there are “SMOKING GUN” BOMBSHELLS on the devices and Hillary will be indicted in early January or February of 2017. The sources have also confirmed that emails that FBI holds at the moment are active but are expecting, even more, evidence to come anonymous trough whistleblower

This woman should not be allowed to run for president. Moreover, U.S. Code is clear she is disqualified to be our next president you can view the full article below the video

This information was also confirmed from Alex Jones as you can see in the video below!


Breaking Hillary Clinton To Be Indicted! You can view the full article here

Posted by USA Supreme on Saturday, October 29, 2016


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