BREAKING: Clinton Foundation Gets Devastating News… And It Might Not Survive

The Clinton Foundation announced Wednesday that dozens of workers at the Clinton Global Initiative will be laid off at years’ end, according to Politico.This sparked even more rumors that the controversial, nebulous foreign fundraising wing of the Clinton Foundation might be shut down, with one source close to the Clinton Foundation saying that “they should make a clean break” from the CGI.

“We informed CGI staff of this transition more than four months before the end of the year, and have provided information about CGI-related roles that will continue,” a Clinton Foundation spokesman said

“All full-time CGI employees will have their jobs with benefits at least through the end of the calendar year,” he continued, adding that the laid-off employees would “a wide range of resources that include career coaching, access to job leads in a variety of fields, and résumé and job search strategy.”

The Clinton Foundation spokesman also seemed to reshape what the Clinton Foundation would be doing going forward.

“Staff will be performing a number of roles, including continuing to provide advice with respect to commitment development and commitment improvement, based on our commitment database and experience having previously developed over 3,600 commitments with our members, and continuing to facilitate introductions and partnerships between members,” he said.

Way to go outside the box. Sounds like a win-win paradigm of blue sky thinking.

The Clinton Global Initiative is a sort of kind of summit or symposium series hosted by the Clinton Foundation and featuring many of what our 42nd president considers to be the finest minds of our planet. This means it’s probably nothing you’d glean anything meaningful from, but nothing too terribly harmful.

According to McClatchy DC, the final CGI meeting concluded Wednesday and included Serbian war criminal Slobodan Milosevic’s former information minister; the mayor of Buenos Aires, who made worldwide headlines when he defended men catcalling at women on the street; and the CEO of GlaxoSmithKline, a company under fire for a bribery scandal in China and failing to disclose the side effects of its drugs.

Well, OK. Maybe slightly harmful.

The major harm, of course, was in the CGI and Clinton Foundation’s close relationships with foreign governments, particularly where fundraising was concerned. There have also been allegations that the Clinton family have used it as a slush fund.

It seems that even in shutting down the CGI, Clinton managed to alienate one group she can’t afford to irk any more: millennials.

“It was poorly managed, treated too glibly, patronizingly, completely lacking empathy at the fact that so many young people were going to be laid off,” one source within the organization said of the announcement.

Meanwhile, another argued that they didn’t go far enough, pointing to the fact that staff had been retained.

“(It’s a) bad idea,” they said of the staff retention. “I really think they should make a clean break, and apparently so do most staff.”

Given how much of a disaster the Clinton Foundation has been for Hillary Clinton already, that break might be cleaner than anyone expected.

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source conservative tribune

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