BOMBSHELL – WikiLeaks Exposes Hillary’s Secret Plan To Start WAR With…

Hillary Clinton is still every bit the hawk. The latest round of WikiLeaks email dumps from the former secretary of state revealed Hillary’s shocking plan to start a new war with a foe of this country.

“We discovered Japan for heaven’s sakes. We are going to ring China with missile defense,”Hillary Clinton reportedly said  in one of her paid speeches to the Wall Street donor class.


Hillary Clinton went on to say the United States “has as much claim” to the Pacific as China does to the South China Sea. When boasting about using the United States military to rein in China, Hillary also said she plans to add more of our naval fleet to the region. A total of 48 percent of the world’s trade flows through the South China Sea.

“You know, we all have told the Chinese if they continue to develop this missile program and they get an ICBM that has the capacity to carry a small nuclear weapon on it, which is what they’re aiming to do, we cannot abide that,” Hillary Clinton said during a paid speech to Goldman Sachs. “Because they could not only do damage to our treaty allies, namely Japan and South Korea, but they could actually reach Hawaii and the west coast theoretically…So China, come on.  You either control them, or we’re going to have to defend against them.”

China, of course, will not take kindly to seeing the United States Navy on its doorstop. Hillary’s bold claim might not even be possible. Barack Obama’s successful efforts to downsize our military and the antiquated state of many of our naval vessels could put a huge kink in Clinton’s plan to flex American military muscle anywhere in the world.

“I had high Chinese officials in their 60s and 50s say to me: ‘we all know somebody who was killed by the Japanese during the war,’” Hillary Clinton said to a Goldman Sachs crowd in 2013. “On the not so good side, there is a resurgence of nationalism inside China that is being at least condoned if not actively pushed by the new Chinese government. You know, Xi Jinping talks about the Chinese dream. There has been a stoking of residual anti-Japanese feelings inside China, not only in the leadership but in the populace.”

Clinton then went into detail the ongoing dispute between Japan and China, which her plans for an increased military presence would likely exacerbate. She went on to tell the Wall Street donors that for the last year and a half, the “highest officials” in China have been uttering “vicious” rhetoric about the Japanese.

Once again, Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks email dumps reveal Hillary Clinton was far more willing to share detailed and accurate views about world affairs with her deep-pocket donors than she was the American populace at large. Hillary’s statements to the Goldman Sachs crowd also highlighted her desire to force the United States to continue being the world’s policeman.

“I had high Chinese officials in their 60s and 50s say to me: ‘We cannot let them resume their nationalistic ways. You Americans are naive. You don’t see what is happening below the surface of Japan society.’ The biggest supporters of a provocative North Korea have been the PLA. The deep connections between the military leadership in China and in North Korea has really been the mainstay of the relationship. So, now all of a sudden new leadership with Xi and his team, and they’re saying to the North Koreans—and by extension to the PLA—no.”

When Hillary Clinton speaks to the American people, all we hear are canned lines, which have been poll-tested and prepared by her liberal staff. When the career politician is speaking behind closed doors to folks she wants a fat check from, the insider information apparently flows more freely.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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