Poll! Can Bernie Sanders Win The Democratic Nomination?

In recent days, it had been unclear whether Mr. Sanders intended to stay in the race, According to a new Reuters/Ipsos poll, 44 percent of Democrats want Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders to make an independent run for the White House. That’s 44 percent of Democrats, not 44 percent of Sanders supporters.With Bernie speech which indicates  that his campaign is going all the way to the Democratic Party Convention. With Hillary major FBI investigation as well Sanders power to defeat Trump in a microsecond and the option for Sanders to run for president in a mix between the green party and independent,  then the so called super-delegates will have a job to do to determine who is going to be the democratic nominee.So here are the reason and why might is little to early to write -of Bernie Sanders and his chances to win the Democratic Party nomination!

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Sanders and his supporters with the latest support of 44% in the democratic party itself can now rest assured that their voice in deed has been heard throughout much of the Democratic Party and that they are influencing its base. But the history has show us that party rules that required a large majority of delegates to gain nomination. A reputation as a lightweight flip-flopper who went back on his word. Despite all of these obstacles, in 1932, Franklin Delano Roosevelt became the last candidate to emerge from a brokered convention and win the presidency.it may be useful to remember that there was an equally explosive contest featuring Theodore Roosevelt 104 years ago, when the presidential primary process began. There were those in 1912, as there are those today, who worried about the failings of a selection system built on popular democracy.Roosevelt championed the new concept of presidential primaries. His campaign theme was “Let the People Rule.” But another wave of reforms changed the selection process in both parties after 1968 when super-delegates entered the scene. Yes Theodore Roosevelt was a republican  but the concept for Bernie’s fight inside the Democratic Party is almost the same he must convince the democrats delegates that by choosing Hillary over him they will actually kill the democracy itself and let Trump win in the USA 2016 election.With everything going around from recount to Bernie Sanders supporters not giving support to Hillary super-delegates risk loosing in this year election by not choosing Sanders.

This short video will explain why Bernie is still in the game.

So give us your opinion given the information above what is your opinion will Bernie be able to make history and win the democratic nomination in the last minute and would the delegates in the Democratic Party would finally “Let the People Rule.” Vote and share this poll still believe in Bernie nomination.

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