Official! Bernie has NOT endorsed Hillary!!!

Bernie has NOT endorsed Hillary, nor is there any indication he intends to on Tuesday at their joint rally.
This is just more MSM drivel. It isn’t the first time they have stated he endorsed, would endorse, confirmed endorsement. Clinton can’t confirm this, though she has tried, such as in this article ( Even the article itself points out that Sanders won’t endorse her. Here you can see al indication and info that shows why Bernie Sanders has not endorse her and he will not endorse her!

While aides to both campaigns have said an endorsement is coming, the Sanders advisory only allows that he and Clinton will discuss “their commitment to building an American that is stronger together and an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top.”
Sanders Campaign Letter

Here is a letter from the Sanders Campaign:

In that letter, the campaign points out the clear twist and spin and inaccuracy of the media. It also sticks to the same line as Bernie stuck to in a recent interview on the charlie rose show, where he dodged questions of endorsement repeatedly, and instead focused on the issues:

Note that he doesn’t even give a straight answer when asked whether Hillary won fair and square about 14 minutes into the video! He can’t claim election fraud.

The link at the bottom of that image in the tweet above now redirects. (Note that on several occasions, information has been “leaked”, screenshots have been taken by various individuals, and then those links disappear and are redirected.) BernieHAS TO say he will eventually endorse the winner (which currently is presumed to be Hillary) because, being a Senator, he is automatically a superdelegate. YES, Bernie Sanders is a Superdelegate, just like Bill Clinton is. And as per DNC rules, if he states that he will endorse anyone else, or not endorse the nominee that wins, or that he will run third or green party, or that he should take up any legal dispute against an oppositional candidate, claiming election fraud, he can then lose his status as a superdelegate, and literally be barred from participating in the DNC at all.

Here are the DNC rules:

See Rule 12, Sec. K, subsections 1-2 & also Dem Call To Convention Procedure Rule VIII., Sec. N in the above document.

He is playing their game. I would be extremely surprised if he endorsed her at all, previous to the convention. In fact, I find it suspicious that Hillary confirms he will endorse before he himself actually does. Why would he do that if it were true? When she and the media have been so completely known for lies this entire campaign cycle.

A “Unity” Event

Jeff Weaver, campaign manager for Bern Sanders has in recent days pointed out that this is still most definitely a Bernie for President campaign:

He even promoted using the hashtag #Bernie2016. He is feigning endorsement to get the media to cover ever word of his message.

What Endorsement Will Look Like

So let’s say he does endorse her. What will it look like? How about looking at his harsh endorsement of Bill Clinton in 1996:

Hillary is probably desperate even for that!

What Will Happen Though

What will likely happen though is he gives his typical anti-WallStreet stump speech, with possible anti-Trump and some unity/working together thoughts added in for good measure, all while Hillary stands by him silly nodding her head while he talks about getting big money out of politics. How embarrassing for her. And when she speaks, she’ll have a HUGE crowd of Berners chanting Bernie Or Bust, etc.

Spin Doctors

Be ready for a spin. Because the MSM WILL try to spin anything he says into an “endorsement”. It’s just going to happen whether we like it or not. Why do that when it hasn’t happened? Because they still believe that in losing Bernie, we will follow the other Democratic candidate, as if we are voting blindly for the party rather than issues.

The Convention

Bernie can’t well endorse Hillary and expect to have any leverage whatsoever when going into the convention. An endorsement just two weeks previous to the convention will strip his 1900 delegates of any power to change, or contest, the convention. He intends to both shift the platform and to fight to win the nomination.

If I’ve Thought Of This, You Can Be Sure Bernie Has Thought Of It

All of this has likely been discussed time and again by Bernie and his campaign staff. They are running a very strong campaign, wise and well thought out. Bernie is being very careful. Amazingly so. Just sit tight, ignore MSM, and pop some popcorn.


In the article below you can see why Bernie Sanders could still win The Democratic Nomination!

Alex D.

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