Bernie or Bust pledge is the ‘miracle’ Senator Sanders needs to secure Party nomination

PLUTOCRACY: A plutocracy is a country or society governed by the wealthy few.To prevail in the Democratic primaries, Senator Sanders needs to have at least one million, dedicated supporters take the Bernie or Bust pledge to either write in Bernie Sanders or vote Green in the general election. Skeptics are right to ask, “why?” Please read at least down to “A melodramatic analogy.”

Chris Hedges, a prominent left-wing voice, has said that Sanders “has agreed that he will endorse the [Party nominee], which, unless there is some miracle, will probably be Hillary Clinton.” [emphasis added] Noam Chomsky, perhaps the best-known left-wing commentator has said, “I am glad that he’s [running for President,] “But the chances of [Senator Sanders] winning the primary, or even at the national level, are virtually nil in our system, which is not a democracy but a plutocracy.” [emphasis added]

“Some miracle.” Why would Hedges and Chomsky say those things? Clinton’s super PACs, hundreds of superdelegates supporting her before one vote was cast, voter fraud, Sanders campaign infiltration, conspiracy to “forget” forms Bernie precinct captains needed, etc. Still not convinced of the need for the Bernie or Bust pledge? The media is “married” to Secretary Clinton via the Council on Foreign Relations.

It is ahistorical and naive for Sanders’ supporters to believe that he can secure the nomination for the Democratic Party without leverage to break through the Clinton juggernaut. What kind of leverage? Try to imagine if a million or more American voters take the Bernie or Bust pledge to write in Bernie Sanders or vote Green in the general election. Democratic super-delegates will have to support Bernie Sanders or they will divide the American liberal/progressive left and potentially put a Republican in the White House. If taken by enough citizens, the Bernie or Bust pledge will give them no choice but to support Senator Sanders…or else. #BernieOrElse

The Bernie or Bust pledge is as simple as it will be effective.  It involves two easy steps, and both are vital to the success of this movement’s strategy. They are:

1) Join thousands of voters who have filled out a simple form to pledge to write-in Bernie Sanders for President in 2016 no matter what.  With enough leverage, Revolt Against Plutocracy can shock the  Democratic Party establishment — in the news media and with ads — into understanding that nominating anyone else seriously jeopardizes Democrats keeping the White House.   This massive lever will apply enough pressure to deter voter support for a regressive, establishment candidate like Hillary Clinton.

2) Pledge-takers will then reach out to friends, relatives, etc. to recruit just two more people to take the Bernie or Bust pledge within a week. This is the only way a critical mass will pool resources to maximize support by liberal and moderate Democrats for Sanders as President. 14% of Democrats will not vote for Hillary in the general election, and we need your help finding them to take the pledge.

Please use email or Facebook/Twitter messaging to widen the Bernie or Bust pledge movement while staying otherwise active on social media. If every pledge-signer recruits just two more citizens who recruit two more every week, we will reach 1,000,000 pledge-takers by next year. That’s a big number yet it starts with just two more pledges recruited by what must be a grassroots movement. It is important that pledge-takers persist and follow-up with potential recruits until two more pledges are confirmed to you. We will follow up all pledges with an email to forward to people.

A melodramatic analogy: No doubt, some skeptics will wonder if the Bernie or Bust pledge is like the wildly desperate guy–aiming a loaded pistol at his own head–who declares, “if I don’t get my way, I’ll pull the trigger.” That is like the Bernie or Bust pledge. You are a Sanders supporter. The threat to “pull the trigger” is the refusal to vote for a status quo Democrat even if it pushes a Republican in the White House. Leverage is how a minority effectively pressures the majority to meet their demands for a new way forward, that is, for tax reform, systemic change, and democratic equality.

Senator Bernie Sanders has called for a “political revolution.” Pledge-takers are taking a revolutionary step. A write-in pledge is a revolutionary innovation, and it will change how progressive, grassroots supporters will peacefully ignite an American revolution against the oligarchy, against the corporate-state, against plutocracy, against “Wall Street capitalism”…against Wall Street-backed Hillary Clinton and the rest of the Republicans.

For more information, see the FAQ page, read Revolution, check out our revolutionary agenda and investigate the activists involved with Revolt Against Plutocracy. To get involved beyond the minimum two steps needed, be the media. We all are the revolution.

To all pledge-takers and petition-signers, thank you! Part of our social media strategy is #BernieOrBust and #BernieOrElse.

To everyone else, remember: there is a difference between a campaign for office and a political revolution. Bernie Sanders may well lose his campaign for the Democratic Party nomination. We are convinced only a revolutionary movement that will not take “Clinton” for an answer can secure his nomination. Think about it.

Please share this info on Facebook and Twitter and take the Bernie or Bust Pledge to help Bernie Sanders win the nomination!!!


Alex D.

Alex D is a conservative journalist, who covers all issues of importance for conservatives. He brings attention and insight from what happens in the White House to the streets of American towns, because it all has an impact on our future, and the country left for our children. Exposing the truth is his ultimate goal, mixed with wit where it's appropriate, and feels that journalism shouldn't be censored. Join him & let's spread the good word!

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