Disgusting! Antifa Terrorists Burn the American Flag and Erupt in Violence Against Trump Supporters in Portland (VIDEO)

The far-left Antifa (Anti-Fascist) is a group promoting Berkley riots. They define themselves as anti-fascists who focus on “promotional, informative and practical ways of struggle against all authoritarian ideologies.” Antifa is recognized as a “Violent Political Social Experiment” with an emphasis on ‘Violent.’

There were clashes in downtown Portland Sunday as Antifa squared off with the group Patriot’s Prayer.

Watch the video below!

Participating groups included “Patriot Prayer,” which is led by Joey Gibson. They gathered at the Salmon Street Springs Fountain at 2 p.m. while a peaceful event, the Rally for Freedom, Solidarity, and Justice, was held at the Oregon Memorial Marine Park nearby at the Waterfront, KATU reported.

Members of “Antifa” initially showed up the peaceful rally, but quickly made their way to the Patriot Prayer “Freedom March” several blocks away. The two groups quickly clashed. Several violent fights were witnessed by KATU News crews throughout the area, but as opposed to previous protests, there was little to no police presence breaking up the groups.

Clashes between Antifa and Patriot Prayer moved toward the peaceful rally further north on the waterfront. Organizers quickly moved across the street to avoid any conflict.

“We are not a hate group, we are people who love, this one, and we are people who exercise their right to free speech, this is the way we do this here,” said Romeo Sosa, a member of VOZ Workers Rights Education Project.

While they were forced to move to avoid conflict, organizers with the peaceful rally say their message of denouncing hate speech was not lost.

“Hate based on where people were born, based on language, skin color. We’re here to say that’s not the Portland want, that’s not the Portland we deserve,” said JoAnn Hardesty, president of the NAACP Portland Chapter.
“Everyone knows about the killing on the MAX, but that is just the tip of the iceberg, the most extreme example. There is hate graffiti, there are people getting shouted at,” said Rabbi Debra Kolodny with the Portland Clergy Interfaith Resistance.

Don’t these people’s have anything to do?

I have to blame the Obama clan for all this stupidity. I have never seen so much violence after an election. I really believe these protesters are paid to create problems. Nobody has time to act that stupid.

If you see who they are you can identify them and determine that they are professional protesters paid by Soros and the DNC!!

What do you think about this?

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  • August 7, 2017 at 11:23 pm

    Did all hell break loose???!!!!


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