America’s Newest Supercarrier-PCU Ford Set Sail!

I do agree with moving in on North Korea and it appears to have been a part of the plan. Now that China and Japan are teaming up with the US it’s looking pretty good. We haven’t had this kind of relationship with China in a while.

America’s Newest Supercarrier, PCU Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78) departs Huntington Ingalls Industries Newport News Shipbuilding for builder’s sea trials on April 8, 2017. The Ford is currently designated a pre-commissioning unit (PCU), expected to be commissioned in 2017.

he Nimitz-class aircraft carriers have long reigned as the biggest vessels in the US Navy, but now they have met their successor. The first of a new class of supercarriers has arrived to keep the waters of the world a safer place. The USS Gerald R. Ford has completed construction and has launched for builders trials to evaluate its performance.

Named after President Gerald Ford this first-of-class supercarrier has spent the past four years under development nearly ready for service. This is the first of planned Ford-class supercarrier and testing on the open ocean has started to see how its design should influence the other nine upcoming supercarriers.

“The Navy and our industry partners are excited to have the future USS Gerald R. Ford underway under her own power for the first time, executing a rigorous and comprehensive test program for this first-of-class ship.”

– Rear Admiral Brian Antonio (Aircraft Carrier Program Executive Officer)

The Ford-class supercarrier has come under scrutiny by the armed forces committee for going $2 billion over budget and essentially being designed while it was under construction. Despite the controversial construction it is shaping up to be a very impressive vessel. Check out the first glimpse of the USS Gerald R. Ford in this clip, courtesy of the US Navy.

Maybe this is why the Russian spy ship has been trolling our coastal waters??

Alex D.

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Tony K
7 years ago

I guess the next carrier would be The Obama….Change the name…Ford couldn,t even walk strait…Change the name to Reagan

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