Amal Clooney: “Don’t let ISIS get away with genocide,”

Pregnant Amal Clooney delivered a passionate call for action against ISIS in her address to the UN today.
The international human rights lawyer headed to the United Nations on Thursday to deliver her speech at a session entitled: The Fight against Impunity for Atrocities: Bringing Da’esh to Justice.
Amal, who married actor George Clooney in 2014, demanded action against the terror group for their horrific crimes.
‘Not one ISIS militant has faced trial for international crimes anywhere in the world. Why is it that nothing has been done?’ she asked the UN.
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Don’t let ISIS get away with genocide,” said Amal Clooney to the U.N. on March 9. The formerly-silent Muslim wife of George Clooney made a passionate speech, echoing the sentiments of President Trump and We the People!

Amal Clooney is a human rights lawyer, and the lives of those effected by ISIS are a primary concern of hers, and those she works with. She boldly took a stand last Thursday to address the U.N. on their dangerous indifference toward the terrorist group.

Often thought of as George Clooney’s beautiful “trophy wife,” Amal Clooney surprised us all by proving she, unlike her husband, actually has a working brain– and she’s using her brain for the benefit of the American people!

Although many in Hollywood, including Amal Clooney’s famous husband, cried out that Trump was a “monster” for wanting to destroy ISIS, some even claiming the United States was a larger threat than the terrorist group, We the People know the truth: ISIS needs to be destroyed. (VIDEO BELOW)

When even the Muslim wife of a Hollywood star can see the need for stronger action to be taken, how can ANY liberal still have their head in the sand?

Amal Clooney is one of the last people we would have expected to call out the U.N. on their weaknesses, but we’re happy she did it. Here’s hoping more famous individuals break from their Hollywood ties and follow suit!

Alex D.

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