After 14 GOP Senators Voted To Limit Your Right To Keep And Bear Arms A Reporter Overheard Their Next Betrayal On The Senate Floor

The Senate on Tuesday broke through nearly 30 years of stalemate on gun control legislation by voting 64 to 34 to advance an 80-page gun safety bill

The Senate voted to proceed to the bill just more than an hour after negotiators unveiled its text, giving lawmakers little time to digest its details.

The Daily Wire lists exactly what the bill would do, including provisions to grant the federal government the ability to deny you weapons based on “red flags” it defines.
(Hint: Believing in the Constitution is a “red flag”)

Notably, the 80-page legislation includes language on highly controversial so-called red flag laws.

According to Fox News, the bill “provides grants for states that implement their own red flag laws and offers additional funding for both school safety measures and mental health services.”

Cornyn, though, claimed on the Senate floor Tuesday that the bill “would not create a national red flag law, adding that states could receive the funding regardless of whether they enact such a program,” The Hill reported.

“The measure also creates penalties for straw purchases of firearms, requires more gun sellers to register as Federally Licensed Firearm Dealers and closes the so-called boyfriend loophole by prohibiting gun access for people convicted of domestic abuse against an intimate partner,” Fox News noted of the gun control legislation.

Here were the 14 squishy senators who thought they would somehow endear themselves to anyone anywhere by being feckless weenies who are trying insanely hard to give the very worst of people absolute power.

Susan Collins
Lindsey Graham
Mitch McConnell
Lisa Murkowski
Rob Portman
Mitt Romney
Bill Cassidy
John Cornyn
Joni Ernst
Thom Tillis
Todd Young
Roy Blunt
Richard Burr
Shelly Moore-Capito

The worst was Lindsay Graham.

This was him earlier this month:

Earlier this month a group of bipartisan senators reached an agreement on principle for gun legislation which includes ‘red flag’ laws.

11 Republicans joined the Democrats and bowed to their demands.

A reporter for ABC asked Senator Cornyn about the gun control legislation and how it felt being booed at the Texas GOP convention.

Cornyn said he didn’t mind being booed because he supports people’s First Amendment rights.

But apparently, Cornyn doesn’t support Second Amendment rights.


When it comes to RINOs they can always do “better”!

That didn’t stop the “positive vibes” on the Senate floor, though. In fact, Cornyn previewed the next betrayal while yucking it up with Sen. Kyrsten Sinema: Immigration.

There is no practical reason to be doing any of this either. The gun control bill is full of mostly useless fluff that would do nothing to prevent mass shootings. When it inevitably fails to do so, Democrats will simply push for confiscation having the leverage and justification to say “See, your ideas didn’t work.”

On immigration, there is zero indication that the Biden administration will enforce the law, no matter how much funding you send to the border. Put simply, the problems down there are not solely a money issue. They are a policy issue, and the president has actively chosen to undermine the system. So why give Democrats what they want on amnesty when it will result in nothing on the security side of things?

Bruce Hoenshell

Bruce Hoenshell is a military historian, he is one of the most prolific conservative writers today, often churning out multiple columns per week. His writings tend to focus on international themes, modern warfare. Style Sampling: “ It is not that we need social networking and Internet searches more than food and fuel, but rather that we have the impression that cool zillionaires in flip-flops are good while uncool ones in wingtips are quite bad.”

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Nancy Crawford
Nancy Crawford
1 year ago

This is disgusting and everyone of those Rinos need to be removed from any public office! They are all traitors to the United States of America Constitution!!

Joe R.
Joe R.
1 year ago

We need some injunctive relief from our ignorant idyet ay-whole neighbors who needed a job (our “government”).

Good, no, G R E A T thing we have the 2nd Paragraph of The Declaration of Independence. They should permanently pack their shi7 and go home quietly.

John Q. Public
John Q. Public
1 year ago

To any of you that think the Republicans will save America from the financial decay and Constitutional abuses, you better think again. It’s because of these Republicans and dozens more that we’re in the shape we’re in. If they had done their jobs in 2018 and 2020, NONE of this would be happening, NONE OF IT. They’re expecting a “Red Wave” in November to save the country from the destructive practices of the Biden administration. What it really means is “we didn’t do what we promised (again) and now we want rewarded for it”.

1 year ago

Well then we can start getting our guns and ammo off the streets where the real criminals do business!

1 year ago

Vote the RINO bassturds out, send them packing.

Jon Bechtek
Jon Bechtek
1 year ago

They all need to be voted out of office, especially the SLEEZY and LYING Lindsay Graham. The guy is a total piece of garbage and ever seeks to be in front of a camera. Screw them all!

1 year ago

“prohibiting gun access for people convicted of domestic abuse against an intimate partner”
Police Wife: The Secret Epidemic of Police Domestic Violenceby Alex Roslin

1 year ago

so the usual bribery is in play via federal monies aka “funding”. the fools can’t implement any of their silly laws.

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