The Way Of The Celebrity Beyonce Diet And Execesises

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Beyonce maybe is a star that all men are desperate for and a body that all woman are desperate for but this is the only way to have something that Beyonce got an astonishing figure

This article reveals the diet and fitness that Beyonce practiced, and the way that she always takes breath away.

Diet Beyonce

“While growing Beyonce was chubby   child” – she has stated many times “Tina Knowles”,  Beyonce’s mother.

Maybe Beyonce was once chubby, but today her figure steals men’s eyes. To always look beautiful on stage and on the red carpet, Beyonce has eye on your diet.

Beyonce diet with consists of the consumption of foods rich in protein. The popular singer often consumed fragile meat fat and green vegetables.

The list of prohibited foods in the diet of Beyonce red meat, bread and alcohol.

I eat a lot of boring things like green vegetables. I do not eat red meat or bread and I do not drink alcohol – not like the taste of alcohol.
During one day Beyonce eat six small meals. According to experts, eating six small meals is the best way of getting a nice hard abs and a flat stomach.

Go through agony to keep my stomach as much as possible flatter, although it is never flat enough.
Diet plan
First meal: cereal bar (Corny).
Second meal: fruit fruit.
Third meal: Healthy Salad called “Sasha Salad” which include: chicken breast, vinegar, green peppers, green vegetables, avocados and tomatoes.
Fourth vow “Oreo” cookies – cookies as a sandwich of two chocolate biscuits among them white cream.
Fifth meal: grilled fish with vegetables.
Sixth meal: cucumber seasoned with vinegar.
Extreme Diet Beyonce

To prepare for his role in the film Dreamgirls in 2006, Beyonce managed briefly to loose 7 pounds. She then practiced extreme diet with maple syrup.

Strict diet maple syrup is a liquid diet, during which solid food consumed. With that you are loosing weight  quickly, but its practice means literally starvation. Therefore, this diet is not for everyone.

I would never recommend this diet to anyone unless it is necessary for film and only if there is adequate assistance.
says Beyonce
Make a mixture of 250ml hot or cold water; 2 tablespoons lemon juice; 2 tablespoons maple syrup and ¼ tsp chili powder. These ingredients you need to make a cup of “magic” drink for weight loss. Over a day diet should consume 6-12 cups.

If you decide to apply this diet, it is best not to practice for more than 10 days. It is particularly important to know how to end it. The first two days after the great famine should drink natural juices, then go to soup, fruit and vegetables, and finally you can include other foods.

This diet has many disadvantages. Not taking any kind o of solid food can cause constipation. Therefore, during this diet you should drink tea with laxative effect. Starvation can also cause changes in mood.

The effect of this diet is short and lost pounds come back like a boomerang.

Fitness Beyoncé

Beyonce loves to dance. It is one of many ways in which she held her body. She also practiced running outside or running track and lifts weights light weight.

I exercise 5 times a week. I get up around 8:30 in the morning and eat breakfast cereals. Once you spend a little time, or running half an hour and then I train with weights for about 45 minutes.
Once a week she goes to yoga classes.

Every time you go to the yoga, I cry. I do not know whether this is because it is such a relaxing or because of the late hour your body can do things I could not at the beginning, so you feel that you accomplished something. Acts as therapy.
This can confirm that the body you see in the pictures or photos of Beyonce is not a “gift from nature”, and it was the young singer invests much time and effort

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