2022 Buffalo Mass Shooter Apparent) Manifesto Is **Lazy Copycat** Of 2019 New Zealand Mass Shooter’s Writings

A gunman opened fire and killed 10 people at a grocery store in Buffalo, New York, on Saturday in what authorities are calling a racially motivated shooting.

The manifesto, which appears to have been written by 18-year-old Payton Gendron, included a shared birth date and biographical details with the suspect in custody. The PDF was originally posted to Google Docs at 8:55 p.m. Thursday, two days before the shooting.

Gendron, of Conklin, New York, was arraigned Saturday evening in Buffalo City Court on one count of murder in the first degree, the Erie County District Attorney’s Office said.

He was remanded without bail, and a felony hearing was scheduled for Thursday morning, according to the office.

The manifesto, which has not been modified since it was posted on Thursday, includes elaborate details of a planned shooting. The document claims the suspect chose Buffalo because it was the city with the highest number of Black people in his vicinity.

The manifesto indicated the gunman was inspired by other mass shooters, including Dylann Roof, who killed nine Black church members during a Bible study session in South Carolina in 2015, and Brenton Tarrant, who killed 51 people at mosques in New Zealand in 2019.

Actually, this boy is not just a cold-blooded killer he’s also a plagiarist!

If you look at the two manifestos below you will surely notice that Payton’s manifesto is **LAZY COPYCAT** of the 2019 New Zealand mass shooter’s writings.

Images below:

We can’t confirm why the manifesto is copied!

But from the video, I can tell that Payton was trained. It felt like I was watching a 1st person action movie scene. Will be interesting to see what we can dig up about his past. Of course he could have just been training on his own for years even do online conspiracies are linking him to some government agencies!

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Bruce Hoenshell

Bruce Hoenshell is a military historian, he is one of the most prolific conservative writers today, often churning out multiple columns per week. His writings tend to focus on international themes, modern warfare. Style Sampling: “ It is not that we need social networking and Internet searches more than food and fuel, but rather that we have the impression that cool zillionaires in flip-flops are good while uncool ones in wingtips are quite bad.”

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2 years ago

This proves it’s a false flag- the gov is too lazy to write their own manifestos- just like Biden’s too lazy to write his own campaign speeches- he just plagiarizes them from someone else.

jack johnson
jack johnson
2 years ago

The Buffalo shooter idolized Brenton Tarrant…..Tarrant was a devote follower of the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion that is part of Ukraine`s military. Tarrant actually visited and both shooters were wearing the Azov symbol the “Black Sun” on their gear as they carried out their murders.

The Azovs are currently wearing the same symbol on their uniforms as they fight the Russians. So, we are outraged at this Buffalo shooter and call him a “a hate filled white supremist who targeted blacks”, but send our tax dollars to arm and fund the very same extremist that both these killers worshipped.

Hopefully Americans wake up to who they are supporting in this senseless war.

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