6 Tips For ” Healthier ” Coffee

Coffee is a drink which without is almost impossible to start the day, so when we drink several times during the day, it would be good to know how to make the most of it.

No.1  Conventional coffee is sprayed with pesticides. There is a selection of organic coffee. Stay away from coffee containing flavor, usually they coffees are packed with artificial flavors.

No.2 Drink it unsweetened, consider whether you drink coffee when you need the caffeine from the cup or just want to satisfy your craving for sugar through it. Not to mention that it will not reduce your calorie consuming sugar.

No.3 Buy coffee beans and grind it at home if you have no such condition ask freshly grind and drink it as soon as possible if the coffee has anti-oxygen effect consider how much of the coffee is lost in the processing and oxidation, not counted from the time stayed in the bag.

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No.4 Do not reach for more and more cups then 3 times daily.

No.5 Do not drink coffee on an empty stomach, caffeine on an empty stomach causes secretion of sugar in the blood which in turn alerted him to releases pancreatic insulin (another good reason to drink unsweetened). On an empty stomach this can cause a drop in blood sugar that is not good. Caffeine can cause satiety to the body while you remain without food low range blood sugar at intervals, so that later the desire for sugar will be even greater.

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No.6 Yes, we live in a world where you have to feel guilty about food, do not eat this, easy it will kill you, do not overeat you will gain weight, and it is not healthy …. and do it all not true, but we about any food not include bad thinking and stop to eat after stressful things, and when the body is under stress from losing nutrients. So do not feel guilty at all, do yourself an unsweetened coffee and enjoy it.

Alex D.

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