Why Bernie Sanders Might Truly Want You To Vote For Dr. Stein

Bernie Sanders supporters and people who feel that they’ve experienced a roller coaster of emotions have another option; a candidate who wasn’t at risk of criminal indictments. Her name is Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party, and she’s not only a remarkable woman, Stein offers hope to millions of people who feel cheated by the system.You can see in the video below why Bernie Sanders might truly want you to vote for Dr. Stein in 2016.Jill Stein is becoming the new Bernie Sanders according to an ABC Newspiece titled Green Party’s Jill Stein Offers Hope for Bernie Sanders Supporters.

“This is how you build political movements —- you have to gain trust and you have to work together and that’s what you can do in the course of a political campaign. You can test the waters and those waters right now are feeling very warm and welcoming,” she told ABC.

This is Stein’s second time through the presidential campaign process. She feels that this time, Sanders has helped her campaign…

“It’s quite different [this time]. In 2012, we were really ahead of the curve. This year, the curve caught up to us and we have Bernie Sanders who lifted up our agenda and it found incredible resonance in the polls among people who are activists,” she said.

The concern that a third party candidate would be more harmful for the major party candidate hasn’t stopped Stein and her supporters from being vocal in their joint criticism of Clinton.

When asked what she would think of a Trump presidency, Stein said she “wouldn’t wish that on anyone, nor would I wish Hillary on anyone. Hillary is a proven danger and Trump is a terrifying danger.”

There’s no love lost between Stein and Clinton. Stein is quick to point out that, while Clinton will be making history by being officially nominated as the first female presidential candidate for one of the main parties, Stein is the woman who has earned the most presidential votes in the history of U.S. politics to date.

“You can be sure that Hillary Clinton does not look favorably on another woman candidate who is actually progressive in the race,” Stein said. “We are a very inconvenient truth.”

For some Sanders supporters, that truth looks like it could be their salvation.

Jeremy Dolan, 24, traveled to Philadelphia from St. Petersburg, Florida and was spotted today holding a pro-Sanders poster near the protest but said that he’s already open to switching to Stein.

“I’ve already donated $1,000 to her campaign,” he told ABC.

“If Bernie doesn’t make it past the convention with the nomination, we’ll support Jill Stein,” he said.

While most people haven’t spoken about this accomplishment, “Stein is the woman who has earned the most presidential votes in the history of U.S. politics to date.” Whereas Hillary Clinton relied upon the help of the DNC, Dr. Stein hasn’t had such advantages, and simply focuses upon many of the same messages echoed by Bernie Sanders.

Although Hillary Clinton is America’s political Ms. Pac-Man, gobbling up Elizabeth Warren, and if the roll call doesn’t work, perhaps even Bernie, there’s one candidate Clinton can’t silence. According to The Hill, Dr. Stein has strong words for the Democratic Party and its version of democracy:

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein once again welcomed Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) into her party, suggesting in a series of tweets that he could leave the party that “betrayed” him.

“If @BernieSanders repudiates the Democratic Party that betrayed him, I’d welcome him into @GreenPartyUS to continue the revolution,” Stein posted on Twitter on Saturday afternoon.

Stein’s comments come in the wake of a massive leak of emails from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) this weekend that revealed party officials’ plans to undermine Sanders’s presidential campaign.

There’s one candidate for president that Bernie Sanders supporters can endorse, without feeling they’re rewarding a corrupt system or succumbing to a lesser evil. Dr. Jill Stein will battle Wall Street, end perpetual wars, and focus on working people. If she falls short of perfection, at least her goals are lofty and she remains independent of lobbyist influence; Hillary Clinton accepted prison lobbyist donations for a reason. With the hubris of Clinton’s campaign working directly with Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Dr. Stein is needed more than ever and has in many ways become the new Bernie Sanders. In certain other ways, she could be even better than Bernie Sanders, and I urge everyone to watch Tim Black’s interview (you can watch the full interview below) with Dr. Stein.

Below there is a video that explains why Bernie Sanders might truly want you to vote for Dr. Stein in 2016. Share this on Facebook and Twitter if you think that revolution will continue with the Green Party and vote in a poll below!

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