WATCH – Leaked Email Shows Hillary Team BASHING An Entire Religion, Media SILENT

Julian Assange’s gradual October Surprise is turning out to be a death by a thousand paper cuts for Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Hillary’s handlers have just been caught disparaging yet another large segment of American society, but the mainstream media are helping her keep the shocking revelations under wraps.“Catholicism is a bastardization of the faith,” read an email conversation among Hillary Clinton’s top aids. “They must be attracted to the systemic thought and severely backward gender relations.”

The leaked emails were chains between Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta, and her communication director, Jennifer Palmieri, a former Barack Obama staffer. John Halpin, a representative from the Center for American Progress, was also included in the same strand of emails.

John Halpin made the derogatory comments about the Catholic church. He continued his anti-religious rant by criticizing Rupert Murdoch and Robert Thomson for raising their children in the faith.


Fox News host Megyn Kelly brought on Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, for his reaction.

“They believe that people who actually want to live by their faith are backwater people,” Perkins said. “[They see religion as a] glorified social club–if you want to…live your life according to [Scripture], you’re going to run into trouble with Hillary Clinton.”

He added that the emails show the Clinton campaign’s “hostility toward religious freedom,” and warned that “their religious freedom is at stake in this election.”

One thought on “WATCH – Leaked Email Shows Hillary Team BASHING An Entire Religion, Media SILENT

  • October 12, 2016 at 6:18 pm

    Criminals in Government, What’s new. When hundreds of $ Billions are at stake, dishonest people will try to get a piece of it. But, we are not talking about dishonesty when it comes to the Clintons, we are talking about MURDER, RAPE, DECEIT, Lying Under Oath, Freeing Terrorists, Gathering Campaign FUNDS ILLEGALLY, Contempt for RELIGIOUS FREEDOM, and obvious malicious reprisals against anyone that will not bow under them. The MAINSTREAM MEDIA are just as guilty for being willing to allow the Clintons to sweep everything under a Media Protected Rug. It’s long past time that Government gets a SWIFT BOOT UP THEIR ASSES and SHOWN THE DOOR. Watch how quick the TURNCOATS backpedal and point in every direction but at themselves. The PEOPLE will speak LOUD and STRONG in November. Then it will be time to clean house on all of the worthless BASTARDS that have allowed our country to fall to it’s lowest point in 75 years. I truly hope that bullets don’t fly, but CROWD RULE is already commonplace. The BLM movement financed by SOROS will be minor news after the REAL PEOPLE show their anger. The mainstream media are getting scared for their lives after months of promoting twisted falsehoods and spreading lies. But, you can only cover up the criminal activities of the Clintons so much before the people react. Bill Carter, a CNN media rep at a recent Trump appearance was shaking in his shoes when he said “that there was “a mob mentality now at stake.” “These people are yelling and shouting and threatening reporters in a way I’ve never seen,” he stated.
    Alisyn Camerota remarked that at rallies crowd members would “yell at” reporters and make “vulgar gestures at them.”
    Well, what the hell do you expect, you lying assholes. People have had their fill of the mainstream media sucking up to Washington as usual. CNN puts a negative spin on every word out of Trump’s mouth while refusing to discuss 30 years of corrupt Clinton activity.
    The media is every bit as guilty as the criminals that they protect. The corrupt media will HANG right next to their political friends when the people finally show all of these bastards what a revolt looks like. Once it starts, there will be no stopping it and everyone seen as corrupt will fall. There won’t be enough airplanes in the country to haul all of them as they flee from real justice being dished out by an angry people. This is just the tip of the iceberg. If the media continue the abuse, blood will flow.
    The recent movie UKRAINE, shows how rapidly a people can be mobilized when their futures are abused by Dictators. Down with the corrupt press and down with corrupt politicians. VOTE !


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