Breaking News! Trump: We Need More Guns To Protect Us From Radical Islam!

The attack on the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida, was the worst terrorist strike on our soil since September 11th, and the worst mass shooting in our country’s history.So many people dead, so many people gravely injured, so much carnage, such a disgrace.Omar Mateen called the cops to pledge his fealty to ISIS as he was carrying out his mass murder in Orlando early Sunday Trump might have the solution the presumptive republican nominee has said he would like people on terror watch lists to be prevented from buying guns and encourage real american to buy more guns for protection!


The presumptive presidential nominee tweeted that he would meet the National Rifle Association to discuss the issue.

Forty-nine people were killed in a gay nightclub by Omar Mateen, who had been put on a terror watch list by the FBI.

His wife is also being questioned in connection with the atrocity, the worst mass shooting in modern US history.

In addition Trump come up with a solution for this issue in a interview this morning :

We Need More Guns To Protect Us From Radical Islam!

The FBI has two terror “watch lists”. The smaller one bans flying to and from the US and there is also a larger one, which Mateen was on.

Mateen was put on that list for 10 months while under investigation following inflammatory comments at work.

But the FBI concluded there was no evidence he was a terror threat.

The 29-year-old, a US national with Afghan parents, bought an assault rifle and a handgun in early June.

President Obama, and several leading Republicans, have attacked Mr Trump for renewing his call to ban foreign Muslims from entering the US and his latest solution for guns ownership.


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