Trump Issues Brilliant Piece of Advice to Bernie, Hillary Outraged… and Scared

Audio was leaked over the weekend from one of Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s private fundraising events with wealthy donors, during which she seemed to denigrate many of the supporters of her chief rival for the nomination, socialist Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Sanders, who had attracted a substantial and enthusiastic following of frustrated millennials and other dissident voters, was unable to surpass the obstacles placed in his way by the tag-team efforts of the Clinton campaign, the Democrat National Committee and the lapdog liberal media, and eventually dropped out of the race.

He then angered many of his formerly loyal supporters by endorsing Clinton for the presidency, despite having railed against her and everything she stands for during the months-long primary season.

But in the wake of Clinton’s dismissal of Sanders’ followers — and, by extension, of Sanders himself — Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump suggested in a post to Twitter that Sanders rescind his endorsement of Clinton.

“Bernie should pull his endorsement of Crooked Hillary after she deceived him and then attacked him and his supporters,” Trump tweeted.

While it remained highly unlikely that Sanders would be taking any advice from Trump, it would certainly be interesting to see. Considering how Sanders’ stock has plummeted since he backed Clinton, it may be something he might consider, if only as an exit plan should Clinton’s campaign take a turn for the worse in the next few weeks.

Hillary Clinton and her campaign have no doubt also considered the possibility that Sanders may rethink his support for Clinton, given what we now know she has said about him and his followers, and that possibility may be costing Team Clinton some sleep.

Should Sanders actually take back his endorsement, his followers would likely be further split as to which of the remaining candidates they would support come Election Day, with at least a portion of them shifting over to Trump — if only to stop Clinton.

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H/T Conservative Tribune

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