TRUMP Up 4 Points in USC-Dornsife Poll – Now Leads Hillary with Millennial Voters

Donald Trump continued to lead Hillary Clinton 46.7 to 42.9 in the latest USC-Dornsife LA Times poll on Thursday September 29, 2016.

Trump continues to lead Hillary Clinton by 4 points.


Why aren’t young voters flocking to Clinton? It could be because her husband inexplicably tried to court millennials while blaming them for the country’s problems. Or because her campaign tried to reach out to Latino voters—the largest millennial electorate—with a listicle comparing Clinton to an “abuela” while flip-flopping on immigration reform. Maybe it’s because she has made herself virtually inaccessible to everyone but her wealthiest donors. Or perhaps because the Clintons made millions off of for-profit universities while millennials’ student loan debt ballooned.

Instead of addressing any of young peoples’ serious concerns about Clinton, Kirchick claims that millennials aren’t voting for Clinton because we have no firsthand experience with the horrors of war.

“Millennials are the first post-war generation to have come of age after the Cold War,” Kirchick writes. We didn’t spend our early years preparing for an imminent nuclear war; instead, we were “blissfully unaware about the world and its dangers” until 9/11. He cites a World Values Surveythat claims only 31 percent of Americans born in the 1980s think it’s “essential” to “live in a country that is governed democratically” as proof of this.

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