Top Political Insider REVEALS HOW Hillary Will Steal Election!

Election fraud is standard in underdeveloped nations.There you have two sorts of dictatorships one is a hard one with military and correctional facilities  other type is with rigged elections and media censorship.But widespread voter fraud is not something just limited to those countries. In the US for example, we already have media bias, and Hillary proved that she knows and is willing to do election fraud, remember Bernie and DNC scandal?!


The man who knows her well, political analyst and activist, Roger Stone relayed that the manipulation of voter machines is a very real concern in this election simply because the stakes are so high for Hillary Clinton, per

Speaking to the Aaron Klein Investigative Radio broadcast on New York’s AM 970 and NewsTalk 990 AM, Stone said, “For anybody who thinks that election fraud is not common in this country, the voting machine today is merely a computer. And all computers can be rigged to have a predetermined outcome.”

Is Hillary above doing something like this? Well, considering she has already committed any number of felonies, the answer to that question is yes.

And consider this: by some reports, she has already done it. During her race against Bernie Sanders, there were widespread reports of voter fraud in states throughout the country.

“… There is evidence that the Clintons not only cheated with the super-delegates, but in states like Wisconsin and New York and Kentucky there were charges of widespread voter fraud on behalf of Hillary…it will happen here if this race is close. The big city machines, particularly Chicago, are very adept at manipulating these machines.”

Even Donald Trump himself mentioned this possibility, saying the GOP had better be careful or it will be “taken away from us.” Clinton surrogates called this “pathetic” and “dangerous”, but the only thing “dangerous” would be a Hillary Clinton administration!

The next question, of course, is how do we avoid it? Roger Stone has some ideas. He said we could combat irregularities by registering new voters:

“What I would do is take the margin by which Romney lost, double it. That would be my target for new registration,” Stone said.

Trump even mentioned that during 2012 elections, Mitt Romney did not get not even one electoral vote from many districts in Pennsylvania, in more than 10 districts there the results were like 10 null, 15 null etc. , which is very weird.

Trump said many times that his intentions are not to be pessimistic or to find an excuse for losing to Hillary, but he wants people to be careful and to go on voting booths in huge numbers so that will be almost impossible to rig the elections because that has already happened to Bernie Sanders.

There is good chance for Hillary to try and steal the general election in November but one man stands in her way, Jullian Assange.As you can see in a link below the videos he is pretty sure that he will bring her down before the election!

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