Top 10 Unreal Motorcycle Saves

In a motorbike racing there is short line between success and failure,failure that sometimes can result in dead.But skillful and some lucky drivers manage to save their skin from disaster here is our top 10 and below the article there is poll vote your favorite save and comment if we missed someone in the list.

10.Hanging on

Ever wondered how far you can get out of shape before crashing? Randy Mamola is here to give us the answer, in what is one of the most impressive saves of all time.


9.Going over backwards

Ballacrye Corner at the TT has claimed many lives over the years. The racers leave Ballaugh village and accelerate up to 190mph before they commit for the fast left-hander. Once through the corner they have to wrestle the bike back to the left for an absolute monster of a jump. Here’s the late Gary Carswell getting it wrong, but recovering like a hero.


8.Clipping kerbs at 170mph

The Isle of Man TT is a truly unique event. Unlike other motorcycle races, there’s no warm up lap, and within just 10 seconds from the start line, riders are travelling at around 180mph. In the video above, you’ll witness what happened when Bruce Anstey ‘The Flying Kiwi’ miss-judged the fearsomely fast descent down Bray Hill.

7.Save it on the elbow

Saving a rear-end slide is something that most motorcyclists will have experienced at one time or another. But when the front-end goes, there’s almost no chance of it coming back. Colin Edwards does the impossible, and saves this front-end tuck on his elbow!

6.Getting jiggy with it

Road racers are sometimes accused of not pushing to 100 per cent because they’reholding back due to the innate dangers of racing on the public roads. Well, here’s Darran Lindsay to prove them wrong.

5.Dive bomb

Ian Hutchinson had a sensational return to the TT after years of injury. But that successful return could have all come to an end in practice. On the 170mph run into Kirk Michael village, Hutchy goes for an aggressive move on Michael Dunlop and gets massively out of shape.


4.The mother of all tank slappers

In the title, we said 10 incredible riders. Make that nine, actually. This video demonstrates complete stupidity in action. If you decide to do 140mph in a residential area, you’re asking for trouble. But surprisingly it’s not a slow moving school bus or a dog off the leash that is this rider’s downfall. It’s the lack of decent steering damper. It is also quite unbelievable that he didn’t go down, as talent played no role in the outcome.


3.Bail out

The run down to Creg Ny Baa is one of the most iconic shots on the TT circuit. Riders like to back the bike into this relatively slow corner to show off in front of the fans. Unfortunately for Carl Rennie things went a bit pear shaped. But with quick reactions he manages to avoid going through the pub’s front door!

2. Biaggi Going vertical

Probably the most famous motorcycle save, even if it was filmed on a potato. Biaggi is a reminder to all racers that showing off can end very embarrassingly.

1.Get on your knees and pray Ajo’s superstar save

The last corner at Assen always plays host to some spectacular moments. Here’s Moto3 rider Niklas Ajo showing incredible commitment by hanging onto his bike and crossing the line on his knees.

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