Top 10 Custom Made Motorcycles

Nearly every major motorcycle brand has been working with independent builders to create custom bikes: some publicly, and some privately. Yamaha and BMW are visibly throwing their weight behind the scene, while the Italians are working behind closed doors.

Indian has enlisted Roland Sands to rework its Chieftain, and more customs are on the way. Triumph is more polyamorous than ever. Even Suzuki is playing the game—recalling Katana designer Hans Muth to rework its Bandit 1250.

For fans of café racers, trackers and scramblers, it’s been a bumper year. And it’s been a great 12 months for Bike EXIF too: in a matter of days, we’ll pass the 100 million page views mark after just six years of operation.In addition to this top 10 list below the Article you find video of Full Throttle Custom Bike Show, International Speed Way so if we missed some bike comment bellow enjoy.

10.Honda VF750 Café Racer by Lucky Custom

The boys from Lucky Custom from Argentina sure know how to build a custom motorcycle. I’ve recently featured one of their latest builds, a slick CB550 Café Racer. Digging into their impressive list of creations, I’ve stumbled upon this great bike: a Honda VF750 Café Racer “Maximo #11”. I thought it was worth the share!

Lucky Customs is known for their thorough style: every single part has been taken care of, and no detail was left behind. A cool detail are the custom laced wheels.

The bike is full of high end and custom parts, it’s too bad I couldn’t find any specs or a list of modifications of the bike.And for those who don’t like this bike, Lucky Custom added some other eye candy to distract the critical viewers ?

Honda VF750 Café Racer 16

9.Absolute Gem: Diamond Atelier’s BMW R100R

With their third build, Munich-based Diamond Atelier hit the jackpot. It’s based on a 1994 BMW R100R Classic, although you’d be hard pressed to tell. This is no forumlaic airhead custom, but a radical reworking with a serious performance boost—check out the 40mm Dell’Orto carbs, K&N filters and Akrapovic racing exhaust. The detailing is off the chart, right down to the top triple clamp, which holds a crowning jewel: a 0.17-carat diamond.


8.Indian Scout by Roland Sands Design

Most often we see that custom bikes are based on older, classic models. But sometimes we see a creation based upon a brand new bike. Just like this Indian Scout by de brewers of Roland Sands Design. They picked up this 2015 Indian Scout, teared it a part and totally redesigned it in to this awesome creation. Do we need any more words?

8.Indian Scout

7.Diamond Ateliers BMW R100R Café Racer

Founded in the summer of July 2013, Diamond Atelier had a clear vision on the custom motorcycle scene: they want to build the next generation of café racers. Their third build was this awesome looking BMW R100R Café Racer and we have to be honest: it looks damn good!

Their first build, a BMW R80 RT, got some strong comments: it was an “unrideable show bike”, so with this build, they want to step up the ladder and picked the BMW R100R as base bike. More performance and rideability was found in a 1994 BMW R100R Classic.

  • Lowered front forks with 3″
  • Refinished wheels with gold hubs and black rims
  • Continental TKC80 tires
  • BMW R-series gas tank
  • Custom seat
  • LED tail light
  • MotoGadget m-Blaze turn signals (bar ends and pins in footpegs)
  • Custom CNC clip ons
  • Customized rearsets
  • Custom triple tree clamp with logo
  • 40mm Dell’Orto carbs
  • K&N filters
  • Akrapovic exhaust
  • 320mm double disc up front
  • Brembo calipers and master cylinder
  • Steel brake hoses
  • New cafe racer wiring
  • Linergy battery’s
  • Relocated speedo on gearbox
  • New overall paint job
  • a lot of tiny details…

Diamond Atelier DA3


6.Rajputana’s Royal Enfield Bullet Café Racer

A great build from Rajputana Customs from India: a Royal Enfield Bullet Café Racer for NU Jeans. Beautiful design, simple and clean. It was a coin flip between another great Enfield Café racer from the same builders, so if you like this one, also take a look at this Enfield Café Racer of Rajputana.

6.royal enfield cafe racer


5.Tramontana’ Triumph Scrambler

Imagine if Triumph’s own chassis development gurus decided to build the ultimate off-road Scrambler. That’s exactly what happened here, with five Spanish engineers at a loose end after signing off the Tiger 800XC prototype. ‘Tramontana’ is an essay in mechanical engineering, with revised geometry, massively increased suspension stroke, ultra-light Excel rims, new ergos and a weight loss of 40kg.

The Scrambler is one of the most-loved Triumph motorcycles of recent times. But there’s a common criticism: its off-road performance doesn’t quite match those beguiling looks.

That shortfall has just been blown to smithereens by a team of five motorcycle engineers. And not just any engineers: they’re all part of Triumph’s own chassis development team, based in Spain and led by brothers David and Felipe Lopez.

5.Triumph scrambler


4.NURBS by Krugger

The BMW K1600 has six cylinders, seven computers, multiple drive modes and adaptive headlights. It’s not a bike that anyone in their right mind would want to customize. But for Fred “Krugger” Bertrand, the K1600 was just another challenge. And it delivered the Belgian his second AMD World Championship.

The Art Deco bodywork wouldn’t look out of place in the next Tron movie and the straight-six engine is suspended in a completely new frame. The Duolever front suspension is heavily modified too, with only the original shock remaining.

And the oddball name ‘NURBS’? It means ‘Non-Uniform Rational B-spline,’ a concept used by engineers to create freeform surfaces in car and ship design.

4.Nurbs by Cruger

3.Sacha Lakic’s Honda CX500

the amazing Honda CX500 Café Racer by Sacha Lakic. This bike is pure art: every single part is thought over and over again. Most of them are custom or tailor made.Universal art designer Sacha Lakic has created one of the most beautiful CX500 Café Racers ever. A cool classic meets aggressive look and only the best parts used . He did a crazy great job, straitening out the weird line of the stock CX500, using a red Marzocchi RAC fork in combination with a Öhlins rear shock from a Ducati 851 and a custom made swing arm.There is not much left of the original CX500 since literally every single part has been thought out and taken care of. It’s a real “one of” bike, stuffed with custom and tailor made parts.

3.Honda cx500 cafe racer 1

2.The Hunter: A Scrambler With Extra Firepower

Not all popular bikes are ground-up builds. This scrambler is a blueprint for anyone wanting to boost a modern Triumph with performance-based mods. It comes from Erne’s Euromotos—a dealership in Zürich, Switzerland—and gets a power jump from big valves, hotter cams and a Zard exhaust system. Brembo supplied the braking setup, and Öhlins the suspension. It would cost a pretty penny to replicate this build, but we can all dream, hey?

The Triumph Scrambler’s biggest selling point is its looks. It might not be the strongest contender in the performance department, but it has a nostalgic appeal that few others can match. And it’s easy to upgrade.

This stunning Triumph Scrambler was built by Erne’s Euromotos—a dealership and custom shop in Zürich, Switzerland. It’s the perfect blueprint for anyone wanting to transform his or her own Scrambler with performance-based mods.

The engine gets a big power boost via larger valves, hotter cams, and a higher compression ratio. To increase airflow, Erne’s modified the air box, fitted a free-flowing filter, and installed a Zard exhaust system. The fuel injection was then remapped—making this particular Scrambler good for a reported 95hp.

Given this significant jump in power, suspension and braking upgrades were in order. A Brembo P4 braking setup was added at the front, along with a Galfer disc designed for the Thruxton.

2014 triumph scrambler


1. Rajputana Customs Harley-Davidson Street

The champion,some folks might turn up their noses, but the Street has been a much-needed sales hit for Harley-Davidson. We reserved judgment after its release—patiently awaiting the killer custom that would reveal its potential. As 2014 rolled into 2015, Rajputana Customs of Jaipur City delivered. The bike itself is a remarkable reworking, but even more remarkable was the timeline—just four weeks. Rajputana are based just 300 kilometers south of the Haryana factory where the Street is built, so this was a major victory for the home team.

Outside the States, the new Street is widely regarded as the most important motorcycle in Harley-Davidson’s line-up. So the bike we’re looking at here is something of An Event: it’s the first officially sanctioned Street custom from an independent builder.

That builder is Rajputana Customs of Jaipur City. They’re some 300 kilometers south of Harley’s Haryana factory—where the Street is built—and they’ve done a remarkable job.

This Street 750 was put together in just four weeks, but you’d never guess. “Given the liquid-cooled engine and snug-fitting chassis, we felt a butch-looking racer was the way to go,” says Rajputana boss Vijay Singh.

The first upgrade was the front end, which now sports Suzuki GSX-R forks with 25% stiffer springs. There’s more suspension travel than stock, helped by the removal of the plastic grill surrounding the front-mounted radiator.

There’s a sleek new subframe and a low profile cowl behind a quilted black leather seat. Coker tires are mounted on 16-inch Harley 48 rims and hubs, and the swingarm was modified to accommodate the larger rubber.

Custom-fabricated clip-on bars complete the look, topped off with Arlen Ness grips.

It’s a quite remarkable transformation—and it’s bound to make a lot of people see the Harley-Davidson Street in a new light.

2.custom harley davidson street 3


And here is this awesome  video of custom motorcycles in Daytona Bike Week 2016


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