This Lipstick Tom Ford Suits All Women

Neutral and classic red shades are usually the safe choice for all women because it is believed that they suit all types of lips and face. But Robin Black, photographer, and blogger who works behind the blog Beauty is Boring, showed that crimson shades have similar, if not better effect.

She chose lipstick Tom Ford, Tom Ford Lip Color Matte in Black Dahlia and tested six models, different in complexion, hair color, eyes, lips …

What is the secret? Why is this good shade suits all? Black says the reason for this is the balance of Hue.

-I See the person as a gallery and lips artwork. You can express very strong, rigid and impression right through them, leaving the rest of the face clean – explains blogger.

As proof of what he says are the photos that follow below:

One thought on “This Lipstick Tom Ford Suits All Women

  • November 20, 2016 at 10:02 pm

    Don’t care what the “experts” say… No lipstick is “suits every woman”… This dark lipstick looks ugly, and harsh, on fair skinned women.


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