The Real Truth Behind The October Surprise(Watch This Video Before You Attack Julian Assange)

In this video you will see the whole truth about the October Surprise and why everyone is really disappointed now.(you can watch the full video below)


Speaking over a video link from the Ecuadorian embassy in London, Assange admitted he was not releasing any new explosive documents today, but for every Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump supporter he had a packed schedule over the next ten weeks.

Also as you can read on the following tweets Assange didn’t promise anything about his last conference The website’s boss said he plans ‘to be publishing every week for the next 10 weeks’ and the leaks include ‘significant material’ on war, arms, oil, Google and the US election.

Assange was evasive when asked the nature of the leaks relating to the US election campaign, simply insisting ‘there are a lot of fascinating angles’.

He said: ‘There’s an enormous expectation in the United States – part of that expectation will be answered. But if we’re going to make a major publication in the United States at a particular hour, we don’t do it at 3am.’

Assange claims to have released 10million secret documents so far and is preparing to publish a further 10million.
You can watch here the full truth about the ‘October Surprise’:


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