Why we Need to Switch to Sanders Before Clinton Leads us to President Trump

Despite the fact that Clinton is well positioned to get enough delegates to take the Democratic nod, Sanders is the better choice when it comes to a head-to-head matchup with presumed GOP nominee Donald Trump, according to Sanders’ Southern backers. And they took to Facebook recently to insist that a cross section of polls backs them up.

PolitiFact looked at a similar statement by Sanders himself earlier this year. That fact check looked at polls from January and February.

We reached out to the Sanders and Clinton camps for their reads on the more recent polls. Clinton’s campaign did not respond. Clinton has previously said she will win the nomination and is focusing on Trump.

In the Clinton-Trump matchup, a recent ABC News/Washington Post poll shows Trump up by 2 points. Trump leads Clinton by 6 points in a CBS News/New York Times poll, but Clinton is up by 3 points in an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

In the Trump-Sanders contest, a recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows Sanders up by 15 points, while a CBS News/New York Times poll shows Sanders ahead by 13 points. A Fox News poll shows Sanders ahead by 3 points.

But at the latest polls Sanders is by far president if the election are held at this moment!

June 15 California
Clinton 49, Trump 39: Clinton +10
Sanders 53, Trump 36: Sanders +17

June 15 North Carolina
Clinton 43, Trump 47 Trump +4
Sanders 48, Trump 44 Sanders +4

June 15 New Jersey
Clinton 48, Trump 37: Clinton +11
Sanders 57, Trump 33: Sanders +24

June 15 General Election
Trump 43, Clinton 46: Clinton +3
Sanders 54, Trump 39: Sanders +15

June 15 Arizona
Clinton 41, Trump 45: Trump +4
Sanders 45, Trump 44: Sanders +1

June 15 Georgia
Trump 45, Clinton 41: Trump +4
Trump 42, Sanders 47: Sanders +5

Hillary supporters frequently downplay these polls. This is especially true for older voters who have witnessed the destructive power of red-baiting. In fact, during this their entire adult lives, the political spectrum has shifted to the right, and any national candidate, like George McGovern, who tried to buck that trend was roundly defeated.

This age cohort also watched Bill Clinton triangulate to regain the presidency for the Democrats. He moved to the center by declaring that the “era of big government is over” and by “cutting welfare as we know it.” Obama also never strayed far from this neo-liberal elite political consensus. He even bought into the austerity myth and cut government jobs during the aftermath of the Great Recession.

So we boomers seem immune to data that challenges our deeply held beliefs (near religious in intensity) that a socialist just can’t win. “This is America — the capitalist center of the universe. Of course a socialist will get trumped. The polls must be wrong. Red-baiting will work. Why? Because it always has.”

Unfortunately Hillary supporters have no current evidence — none at all — for this claim.

Bernie is doing remarkably well with independents and young people. Recent polling suggests that socialism is not a bad word among these voters. Those under thrity years of age favor socialism over capitalism by 43 to 32 margin according to a January poll by yougov.com

Overall Americans today seem much less uptight about socialism than a generation ago:

“Only 18% of Americans say it is specifically the “democratic socialist” label that would make them less likely to vote for the Vermont senator. The number is lower among Democrats and Independents (15%) than Republicans (25%). 23% of Democrats even say the phrase makes them more likely to back Sanders. But most Americans say the label makes no difference – 39% wouldn’t support Sanders anyway, and 13% would support him regardless.”


In response to these points, Hillary supporters often throw up their hands and say, it’s too late! It’s mathematically impossible for Bernie to win. Hillary has secured the delegates fair and square. She has received 3 million more votes (not counting any of the caucuses.) Bernie should quit and get behind her now before he damages her even more.

For the good of the nation, Hillary supporters need to break free from their own red-baiting fears. Instead they should fear the Clinton-Trump match-up. It’s time to stop debunking the polls and start thinking hard about how best to defeat Trump.

Hillary’s e-mails, the Clinton Foundation, her Wall Street speeches will do much more damage to her than the alleged red scare will do to Bernie.

But, if you still believe Hillary is the stronger candidate against Trump, then try to make the case without resorting to unsubstantiated fears of red-baiting. If you can peel away your preconceptions, it should become clear that that Hillary is in deep trouble, and that Bernie is the stronger candidate.

Bernie Sanders has changed the Democratic Party forever.

It’s not too late to switch to Sanders before Clinton leads us to President Trump. If you are Bernie , Hillary or Trump supporter then you can vote in a poll that you can find it in a link bellow this article.

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