Superdelegates Risk a Third Political Party if Bernie Sanders Isn’t the Democratic Nominee

The prospect of electing Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders will likely result in political repercussions, among progressive voters searching for alternatives, and among a disenchanted base.While many pundits believe Clinton is the most qualified person to lead Democrats for the next four years, they fail to see the writing on the wall. Not only will a Clinton presidency result in eight years of somebody like Ted Cruz, but the resentment of Democratic supredelegates, and a system viewed to be corrupt will reach a boiling point.When Vox publishes an article titled Neocons for Hillary, Democrats are heading in the wrong direction. From Wall Street to war and foreign policy, Democrats have capitulated to Republicans. The formation of a third political party is a near certainty if Clinton is nominated, even after an FBI criminal investigation, and even though Bernie Sanders defeats Trump by a wider margin.

Remember, the smartest people in the room never imagined a contested Democratic convention. They never predicted Bernie Sanders would still be in the race.For the record, Democrats have set the bar lower than ever before.If anything, superdelegates exist to prevent a flawed candidate like Clinton from handing Republicans the White House. The risk of Espionage Act indictments is genuine, especially since nobody has yet been exonerated.

Most importantly, Bernie Sanders has expressed that he will continue to fight, and plans to win. Vermont’s Senator recently stated, “You can boo me all you want I am still in the race.” The 522 superdelegates thus far who’ve sided with Clinton, even when Sanders won by wide margins, face a political future where their “honest graft” is scrutinized by Democratic voters, and especially progressive writers. For example, journalists like Lee Fang of The Intercept have documented the lobbying ties of superdelegates; just imagine the level of scrutiny these party officials will face if Clinton is the nominee.

A third party will emerge from the anger, frustration, and animosity felt by millions of Bernie Sanders supporters, who believe Bernie stands for ideals, while Clinton represents the vapid allure of political power. Superdelegates must choose wisely.

The groundwork for a new political party is rooted in the manner establishment Democrats have treated loyal constituents.What do you think give us your opinion in a comment below and share this if you think that superdelegates must choose wisely and reconsider their decision to endorse Clinton.



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