Sunny Hostin Accused President Donald Trump’s Administration Of “treason.”

The View has fallen a long way since Barbara Walters was a host on the show, and the legendary newswoman is blaming ABC brass for destroying the show’s legacy.

Walters created the show with Bill Geddie, but now she is afraid it will only be remembered for a turnover cast and classless backstage fights.
Today co-host Sunny Hostin accused president Donald Trump of Treason!

Hostin said, “The bottom line is when I look at this from a prosecutor’s viewpoint, this is treason. This is treason.
This is the definition of treason because treason is putting your enemy before your country. Russia has been our number one enemy for 65 years, and the question really needs to be—what is the overall connection between Russia and this administration?

And the way we get to that is Donald Trump’s taxes because that’s where all of the business ties are.”
Video from Breitbart!

Just a question, why wasn’t it treason when Obama tried to sneak 221 million dollars to Palestine?
Where was the outrage over the repeated treason committed by the Obama admin and the Clintons???

One thought on “Sunny Hostin Accused President Donald Trump’s Administration Of “treason.”

  • February 26, 2017 at 10:17 am

    Okay. You have to put things into the “correct” perspective. — We all have our places in this world and more specifically, in this country. If you’re intelligent enough to realize this fact, then you should know that all things that happen within the government are not for public consumption. You’re not ever going to be informed about anything having to do with the security of the United States of America. It’s not your place to know those things. If President Trump is communicating with “anyone in Russia”, I know that it has it’s place regarding National Security. — If you are ever given the privilege of knowing specifics of anything regarding our Nation’s security, you’d soon be relocated to a place where you wouldn’t ever have access to the media again. Why? Because you can’t keep you mouth shut and National Security is not for entertainment value. It’s in place to keep this country safe from foreign and domestic threats. Secrets are necessary. They are the reason you’re still alive. —- If anyone is guilty of treasonous acts, it would be anyone, including you – Whoopi, who believes it’s necessary to falsely accuse others of the same. Grow up. Please.


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