After The Official Nomination By The DNC! Still, a Very Good Chance Clinton Could Lose The Nomination!

Hackers have already claimed one scalp, as Wikileaks published thousands of emails stolen from DNC servers, leading to DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s resignation. But indications are that neither Wikileaks, nor the hackers providing Wikileaks with content, are finished.But the first series of emails wasn’t enough DNC still chose Hillary over Bernie and Senator Bernie Sanders’ final moments as a presidential candidate passed as he rose to “suspend the procedural rules” during the count of delegate votes for the nomination at the Democratic National Convention and made Hillary Clinton the Democratic Nominee.But if Assange releases the document that can bring Hillary down there is good chance that Clinton will lose the nomination pretty soon. Then another candidate will have to take her place  as a democratic nominee!You have to understand that Bernie by following tradition has set himself up for the nomination should Julian Assange and WIKILEAKS bring Hillary down with further emails before the election.With latest Leak Shows DNC Officials Tried to Destroy Bernie Sanders’ Campaign it has been shown that the primaries were rigged. There are some who are abandoning Hillary’s ship at the moment we have to wait and see.She might win the nomination but she is not safe at all.If Clinton steps aside Sanders becomes the nominee, all because Bernie’s name was read into nomination. It was something the delegates pressed for in the rules committee.


“We have emails relating to Hillary Clinton which are pending publication,” he told ITV.

That led some on social media to suspect Assange is also in possession of the contents of Hillary’s Chappaqua bathroom server, which was far less secure than the DNC’s. After all, a “rigged” process is disappointing, but perhaps not technically illegal.

WikiLeaks kept its promise to release a series of emails related to Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and the DNC. The emails show the DNC working against Bernie Sanders during the primary,we have to believe that they will keep their promise again and take Hillary down with their new leak!

As the presidential candidate field narrows, the number of polling participants marking undecided or not sure drops dramatically in election polls. Reuters has been the go-to resource for election sentiment, especially for head-to-head data. The most recent data confirms what many may have feared: Hillary actually loses in a head-to-head matchup against Donald Trump, while Bernie Sanders beats him easily.

This new threat to Clinton could make even bigger damage  to her campaign and the timing is perfect! If she gets indicted than DNC can choose between more than one candidate but only Bernie can defeat Trump in November!


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