Stein: Don’t Waste Your Vote On Politics As Usual That’s Throwing Us Under The Bus

Presidential candidate Jill Stein fired back at Bay State U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren for claiming that a vote for the Green Party nominee could only help Donald Trump.“Politicians are not ‘entitled’ to our votes simply because they represent the establishment political parties,” she said in an email to the Herald.“With a majority of Americans rejecting (Hillary) Clinton and Trump with record high levels of dislike and distrust, neither of them has earned our votes. I say: Don’t waste your vote on politics as usual that’s throwing us under the bus. Invest your vote in a movement for real change,” she said in a statement.


After a speech Thursday at Roxbury Community College, Warren said a vote for Stein — instead of Democratic presidential nominee Clinton — effectively would be one for Trump, whom she called a “racist bully.”

“Anything you do that helps Donald Trump get one inch closer to the White House is a danger to all of us,” Warren said, adding that a vote for Stein “moves Donald Trump closer to the White House.”

By yesterday afternoon, Stein, who also was the Green Party nominee in 2012, shot back on Twitter, saying: “Sad to see @elizabethforma attacking real progressives on behalf of a Wall Street-financed campaign. #WalkTheWalk”

That prompted one woman to tweet: “Hey @elizabethforma recall what it means to be an actual progressive with integrity? #WalkTheWalk #JillNotHill”

Earlier this month, the Commission on Presidential Debates announced that only candidates receiving 15 percent support nationwide according to five polls that will be averaged together will qualify for the presidential debates, which will begin in late September.

But Jill Stein Have Much More Than 15% Necessary To Be On The Televised Presidential Debates There are indicators that the poll underrepresented the true level of support for Stein. Like Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, Stein performs particularly well among millennials. The CNN/ORC poll, however, relied on interviews with 601 landline respondents and 400 cell phone respondents. You can read the full article below.

Green Party nominee Jill Stein went after Clinton this week, telling reporters at the National Press Club it’s no “coincidence that Hillary has the numbers that she has as one of the most untrusted presidential candidates ever,” according to The Washington Post.

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