Seven Groceries For a Successful Fight Against Cellulite

In the struggle with cellulite will help certain foods that are not only healthy, but are readily available, and in addition, read about what exactly it is

1. Green tea has a diuretic effect and helps in the excretion of excess water in the body, which leads to easier weight loss and loss of cellulite.

2. Cabbage lowers blood sugar and improves metabolism, and thus the body is cleansed of toxins.

3. Garlic offers the same things as cabbage and is the perfect food for cleansing the body.

4. The peppers are also important in fat melting and prevent their deposition.

5. Tomatoes are a perfect choice to absorb fat, but certainly if you combine them with cooking oil.

6. Celery by nutritionists most light to activate the metabolism and reduce fat in the body.

7. Young as garlic and green tea have a diuretic effect, a combination of sodium and potassium contributes to the excretion of excess fluid in the body.

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