Senate Seeks to Derail Hillary Clinton’s White House Bid

For many, there was a great shock that FBI Director James B. Comey announced the decision not to press charges against Hillary Clinton.  For the last fifteen months, we have waited as the former Secretary of State’s email server has shadowed her primary run for the Democratic nomination.

With all hopes of legal justice, the country is facing a crisis; a crisis that leaves to them to decide Hillary’s fate.  Will the people sit back and do nothing to stop this criminal?  Well, the people in the form of their representatives are seeking to do something about Hillary’s crimes.

The Washington Times reports:

A high-powered group of senators officially petitioned the State Department Thursday to suspend the security clearances of former Secretary Hillary Clinton and her top aides — a move that could effectively kneecap her preparations for the White House.

Sen. Marco Rubio, a member of the intelligence committee, led the push, joined by Sen. John Cornyn, the Senate’s second-ranking Republican and a handful of others.

Mr. Cornyn and Sen. Cory Gardner also introduced a bill that would strip Mrs. Clinton’s access altogether, which would mean she wouldn’t get the top secret briefings that presidential candidates usually get once they claim the nomination.

This to some will seem a light thing until they realize that the President should have the highest access to secret information.  If Hillary Clinton is barred from any access, then she will no longer be eligible for the office of President.

It is not her in prison orange, but it would be her out of the office.

There seems a case to be made for this line of action.  We will see if Obama will once again try and come to her aid.

FBI didn’t indict Hillary but with  State Dept. ready to conduct internal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server there will be some changes,share this if you believe that Hillary will lose her nomination and the truth will finally come out!


One thought on “Senate Seeks to Derail Hillary Clinton’s White House Bid

  • July 9, 2016 at 8:31 am

    Lock her the fuck up – the slimy bitch. Crooked as a dog leg, and venal as all get out – she’d make the US an even greater laughing stock, were she to be even nominated. Caveat emptor, America! Let the buyer beware! (I was just struck by the thought that the Mendacious Media would make millions out of exposing to the GP the crap that she has managed to keep hidden – starting with Lybia, and specifically Bengazi… ) It’s time for the ‘piper’ to pay up’! And that goes double for slick Willie – and poor simple little fucked-up $300,000 a year Chelsea! What a grubby lot!


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