Sanders bites back: ‘You can boo me all you want I am still in the race’

Bernie Sanders turned his cheek Wednesday to those attacking him for remaining in the Democratic presidential race.Although the democratic socialist has been called egocentric for standing in the way of Hillary Clinton’s path to the nomination, Sanders told his enemies to buckle up because the ride is not over yet.

“What I say to those people who booed is ‘you can boo me all you want, I am going to continue to fight to make sure that we transform this country, Sanders told MSNBC host Chris Hayes late Wednesday.

Sanders, who has no viable pathway to securing the party’s nomination by the convention on July 25-28, explained some of his plans for the next two weeks as well as after the convention.

“What my job is to do – is to do everything that I can to address the major crises in this country. I am going to use all of the leverage that I have to try to make those changes,” Sanders vowed.

While rumors spread Wednesday that the runner-up candidate would endorse Clinton next week, Sanders would not confirm or deny having had talks with Clinton on the issue.

Sanders did not call out Clinton’s supporters but shared a final message for those who have said he has only remained in the race for personal benefit.

“For those people to say it’s about my ego, well, I respectfully disagree. I think what sometimes gets disguised is political differences … sometimes personality becomes infused with political differences,” Sanders finished.


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