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There is big fuss these days about Bernie Sanders next decision.The options that are available are through the Green Party or as an independent with write -in.Sanders is popular because he’s doing one simple thing politicians of Both parties have been afraid to do for a long time – Tell the Truth, and because Sanders offered a dream of what the country could look like. Now, it may never be reality. Over the course of his campaign, Sanders sketched out an alternate vision for American society. The voices of everyday people would not be drowned out by wealthy elites in the world imagined by the senator. Every man would stand side by side with women in the fight for equal pay. Health care would be a right, not a privilege.Many people talk about if Bernie Sanders does not get the nomination that they will Write Him In.Then there are others that will support Bernie revolution through the Green Party, or support his Independent run.So here how the things stand at the moment.

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Independet-Write Him In Option

Bernie Sanders Write In States

Independent voters have been flocking to Sanders. In the Feb. 1 Iowa caucuses, Clinton won 56 percent of self-identified Democrats and 26 percent of independents who voted in the Democratic contest, while Sanders won 39 percent of Democrats but 69 percent of independents. In fact, in states across the nation, Sanders consistently does better with independents voting in Democratic primaries and caucuses, with 40 percent or more of his support coming from non-affiliated voters. Many of his supporters are unsure whether they would support Clinton in a general election, according to exit polls. The Washington Post described Tuesday Sanders’ election strategy to win over independents in an article titled: “How Bernie Sanders is hijacking the Democratic Party to be elected as an independent.”

With the path to the nomination now becoming more narrow, it’s unclear if Sanders will keep his promise that hi will not run as an independent. Sanders’ policies are often considered outside the political mainstream. He has called for a singer-payer heath insurance, free college tuition, campaign finance reform and higher taxes for high earners.Admittedly, this bid would not be without its challenges (like all campaigns). Specifically, Sanders could face financial and ballot access obstacles. Although this is the case, Sanders has a proven track record in successfully achieving the unexpected. He has raised funds like no other presidential candidate before


Here is the information that you need to know about Write-Ins: ONLY if Bernie decides to run a Write-In campaign and files in each state as required would he be able to secure the Presidency. Bernie has said he will not run a Write-In campaign, but since he has faced such animosity from the DNC, we anticipate he may change his mind.

So if he doesn’t; ONLY Alabama, Iowa, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin will accept Bernie as a write-in. But if he does file as necessary, this is the break down:

Alabama 9
Iowa 6
New Hampshire 4
New Jersey 14
Pennsylvania 20
Rhode Island 4
Vermont 3
Wisconsin 10


The following states you CANNOT write-in any candidate(9 states, including California, write-ins are allowed in primaries but NOT the General Election. If Bernie does not get the nomination, he cannot be written-in in California because he was not a write in candidate during the primary.

Arkansas 6
Hawaii 4
Louisiana 8
Mississippi 6
Nevada 6
New Mexico 5
Oklahoma 7
South Dakota 3

The following states have “Sore Loser” laws, which means that since Bernie ran in the Democratic party, if he does not secure the nomination, he cannot run as an Independent or Write-In campaign for the same office that he “lost” in the primary. (8 states)

Georgia 16
Illinois 20
Indiana 11
Missouri 10
North Carolina 15
Oregon 7
South Carolina 9
Washington 12

If Bernie does not get the nomination, he can still be written-in in Indiana, Oregon, or Washington because he won those states during the Primary.


And, finally, in the following states, Bernie would need to file according to each state’s laws in order for the write-in votes to be counted(25 states).

Alaska 3
Arizona 11
Colorado 9
Connecticut 7
Deleware 3
Florida 29
Idaho 4
Kansas 6
Kentucky 8
Maine 4
Maryland 10
Massachusetts 11
Michigan 16
Minnesota 10
Montana 3
Nebraska 5
New York 29
North Dakota 3
Ohio 18
Tennessee 11
Texas 38
Utah 6
Virginia 13
West Virginia 5
Wyoming 3


If Bernie won every Write-In State, he would receive 368 electoral votes when only 270 are needed.


Green Party Option

Bernie has chance with the green party the chance we speak of is Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein, who has also been reaching out to the Vermont senator. With Hillary Clinton claiming victory in the Democratic race, Stein is attempting to start a dialogue with the Sanders campaign. In an open letter in April, Stein wrote, “In this hour of unprecedented crisis—with human rights, civilization, and life on the planet teetering on the brink—can we explore an historic collaboration to keep building the revolution beyond the reach of corporate party clutches, where the movement can take root and flourish, in the 2016 election and beyond?” Stein joins us from Albany ahead of this weekend’s New York Green Party convention.

the response over the last several weeks has been the same as the response over the last several years. And in fact, the Green Party reached out to Bernie Sanders before the last election to see if he might be interested in running on the Green Party ballot line. And that was in 2011. And basically, we haven’t heard back yet, so I’m not holding my breath that we are going to.

But reports  suggesting that the Green Party would consider Bernie being the presidential candidate, whether or not he would consider this?

You won’t be able to vote for Bernie as a write-in in some states, but the Green national convention is two weeks after the democratic convention, and they’ve been discussing running Bernie. He’s trying to find a path in all 50 states, so far he’s at 43 with 494 electoral in play in those states, enough to win as either write-in or Green. I’ve been assured by the original plan Bernie set out for his campaign that we will have a path to elect him when and if the democrats reject his candidacy, and I have deep faith that this man will not fail us.


Given information you now have the question has to be asked how should Bernie Sanders continue his revolution?Give us your opinion if you want some third option .Vote and share if you still support The Bernie Sanders Revolution #StillSanders

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