Revealed! THIS is How Team Hillary Plans to Rig Sunday’s Debate With Trump…

Sunday’s presidential debate between Republican nominee Donald J. Trump and Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton is critical. The polls in many battleground states are razor thin, and millions of viewers will tune in to watch.

Now, it’s clear that the Democrat Party and Team Hillary are working closely with far-left advocacy groups to skew the questions during this “town hall” style debate.

While ABC and CNN prescreen the questions to avoid redundancy, they have “agreed to consider the Top 30 questions voted up” on the website “Presidential Open Questions.”

A top question currently trending includes one from a 6-year old child, and her parents are illegal aliens:

The question, from a user identified as Sophie Cruz from California, reads, “If you deport my parents, what happens to me? I am 6 years old and an American citizen. I have a 3 year old sister who is also an American. My heart is very sad, because I’m scared that ICE is going to deport my undocumented mommy and daddy.”

The question currently sits at No. 28, and would therefore qualify for consideration by the moderators.

The question is being pushed on social media by the “Define American” group started by illegal alien Jose Antonio Vargas, a journalist, who produced this video for Sophie Cruz.

See what’s going on here? This is an outrageous and coordinated effort to hurt Trump during the debate!

Other popular questions also have very liberal bents:


Moderators Anderson Cooper of CNN and Martha Raddatz of ABC News are liberals themselves, and will have no problem about asking such biased, anti-conservative questions.

This debate is going to be a mess, and Donald Trump has to be ready to fight back.

What do you think about this shameful effort rig the debate? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us.
H/T The Political Insider

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