Poll!Everyone is Attacking Donald Trump Over Muslim Ban Plan,do you Support Him

Donald Trump has defended his controversial call to stop foreign Muslims entering America, saying: “They’re not coming to this country”There is no doubt that conservative presidential candidate Donald Trump always says what he believes. He is a strong defender of American values and embodies the principles of Ronald Reagan.

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Now, we’re all seeing this recently unearthed 2011 interview Trump did with David Brody of the Christian Broadcast Network (CBN). He was asked to go into detail about his response to a question Bill O’Reilly on Fox News asked him about the Islam and Muslim problem in America.

Trump didn’t hold back, and explained to CBN there IS a serious problem with Muslims:

Have you ever heard a politician speak in such a straight-forward, no-nonsense way? He cut right to the core of the matter, which is very personal for Trump as he is a New Yorker who lived there on 9/11.

Then, Trump didn’t stop there! He also explained his serious reservations about the teachings inside the Quran, the holy book of Islam:

In a debate that focused on national security the billionaire businessman said his anti-Muslim policy, and building a wall along the Mexican border, would make America safer.

He said: “We are not talking about isolation, we’re talking about security. We’re not talking about religion, we’re talking about security. Our country is out of control.”

He said “tens of thousands of people” were entering America with “cell phones with Isis flags on them…I don’t think so.”

Mr Trump went on: “They’re not coming to this country if I’m president. And if Obama has brought some to this country they are leaving, they’re going, they’re gone.”

Marco Rubio, the Floridia senator who is a leading rival to Mr Trump, said the plan to ban Muslims “isn’t going to happen”. Rivals go on the attack over Muslim ban plan as they audition to be America’s Commander-in-Chief – but Trump defends his policy.

Our question here is while Everyone is Attacking Donald Trump Over Muslim Ban Plan,do you Support Him?

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