Poll!Who Will You Support if Bernie Drop Out of The Race, Hillary ,Trump or Boycott

After getting the world attention for almost a year now the democratic presidential primaries almost reach the very end with Hillary getting the nomination.With the speech that we have heard from Bernie yesterday we can tell that he might pledge support to Hillary.But with , Bernie Sanders’ socialist revolution vs Hillary Clinton and the cloth she used to wipe her private email server clean,Bernie supporter will have feeling that they were left out in the cold by  a rigged system of superdelegates who punish Sanders and from Sanders itself if he decide not to continue with his revolution.


Hillary Clinton declared victory on Tuesday night as the presumptive Democratic nominee. Many people celebrated with the first female presidential nominee – but not everyone was happy.

Angered Bernie Sanders supporters have taken to the internet to plan their next steps – with some saying they would rather vote for Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton, and many threatening to spoil their ballots.

Some said they would still vote for Sanders as a write-in candidate.


A strategy many of the online Sanders supporters want to take seems to be drumming up widespread anger with a Trump win – and then starting a fresh campaign for Sanders.In that echo chamber mindset, no Democrat would vote for Hillary Clinton, so of course every loss had to be the result of some grand scheme. The truth is that many supporters failed to register as Democrats in order to vote in closed primaries, and others didn’t even bother voting at all. This isn’t an abnormality, younger voters tend not to show up in elections.

This week the Guardian sought out Sanders fans who are contemplating switching their allegiance to Trump if Hillary Clinton secures the Democratic nomination.

Then there are some that will support Hillary only to keep Trump out of the White House and with her statement from yesterday many supporters will vote for her if Sanders is out of the  race.

“And we will come together and be prepared to go to the convention in a unified way, to make our case, to leave the convention, to go into the general election to defeat Donald Trump,” Clinton said.

But many Angered Bernie supporter will go on even more radical move if Bernie fail to show up on the ballots in November, they will boycott the election and throw way their vote.

Which one are you give your vote now ? If you still believe in the revolution share this and let your vote be heard who knows maybe Bernie is still listening!

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