Poll! What’s Next for Bernie Sanders Supporters: Clinton,Stein,Trump,Johnson or Write-In

 Hillary Clinton has now officially clinched the nomination in Philadelphia.‘I move that Hillary Clinton be selected’: Bernie Sanders motions to ‘suspend rules’ at DNC said, Bernie. Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Sanders have been negotiating since she all but guaranteed the nomination in June. Mr. Sanders hopes to have a large influence the Democratic platform.The fairytale ends and with this endorsement, Sanders crush the hearts of a million people around!Will Bernie Sanders Supporters Vote For Clinton? Or many millennials will vote for Jill Stein, Gary Johnson As The Next President or maybe they will turn to Trump or even  boycott the election!


Sanders supporters all over the nation are debating how to vote in November now that Clinton has clinched the Democratic nomination. And many of the people talking are millennials, who supported Sanders in droves, steering the senator toward victory in 22 state primary contests or caucuses. With Sanders more or less out of the race, many young people, having spent months railing against career politicians and the establishment, say they’re not quite ready to jump ship to the Clinton campaign. Instead, they’re looking into third-party candidates like Stein and Libertarian Gary Johnson in hopes of changing the political system.

Now Clinton clinched the nomination. International Business Times reached out to more than 65 young Sanders supporters in all 50 states, emailing the leaders of Students for Berniechapters on college campuses and messaging regional pro-Sanders Facebook pages. We received 29 responses from Sanders supporters ages 18 to 27. Of those voters, 11 specifically said they were considering voting for a third-party candidate. Only six said they definitely would go for Clinton. The rest were undecided — or determined not to vote at all in November.

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One thought on “Poll! What’s Next for Bernie Sanders Supporters: Clinton,Stein,Trump,Johnson or Write-In

  • August 12, 2016 at 9:17 am

    Yeah, most of what I am seeing/hearing is Stein, a few more than what your poll suggests are going for Hillary, at least as long as she remains leaning left as far as she is currently.


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