Police vs Bikers ! Crazy Chases Motorcycle (Vol-1)

Riding a motorcycle carries a higher risk of injury than driving a car because the rider is essentially unprotected. As a result, motorcyclists involved in crashes tend to sustain multiple injuries to the head, chest and legs either from the direct contact with solid objects or as a result of crash forces.

There are four common factors which present a challenge for motorcycle safety including vulnerability, instability, visibility and risk-taking behaviour.

Well have you read the last one risk-taking behaviour  Some accidents can be fatal sometime motorcyclist can get killed speeding can sometimes be full of adrenaline cops will try to arrest some bikers to stop this from happening   all kind of motorcycles are included in this compilation Harley Davidson,Triumph,Suzuki insurance company and attorneys will have busy schedule to help this bikers they will definitely need get loans or credits so they can go  to the motorcycle shop again or at least get out of jail  take a look and learn volume 1

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