Obama Mocks Special Olympics Children On The Tonight Show

Meryl Streep went up in front of the Golden Globes last night and slammed Donald Trump for supposedly mocking a disabled reporter!

Meryl Streep’s acceptance speech after receiving a lifetime achievement award at the Golden Globes turned out to be the opening volley in a war of words with President-elect Donald Trump.

The actress never mentioned Trump by name, but it was clear who her target was in pointedly saying that a performance from the past year that stunned her came from the campaign trail.

We are talking about Meryl Streep the same person that defends liberals like Obama and Hillary Clinton for years!

Well, that is so humiliating for her because footage surfaced of Barack Obama doing something far worse than Trump ever did himself…

The clip bellow shows Obama making fun of the disabled athletes competing in the Special Olympics back in 2009.


Obama Mocks Special Olympics Children

Obama mocks Special Olympics children on the Tonight Show. ?

Posted by Donald Trump, America’s President on Monday, January 9, 2017

Why she never mentioned something about that while she gave her speech at the Golden Globes!

Not only did Trump come back swinging, but all of Twitter seemed to be on his side!

Trump himself spoke out to slam Streep for her ridiculous speech, saying that he never actually mocked the reporter’s disability.

Trump argued that he was simply showing the reporter “groveling” for changing a 16-year-old story to make him look bad.

“Just more very dishonest media!” he concluded.

and the video bellow is a prove that Trump is right! (video bellow)


PROOF that Donald Trump did NOT mock a disabled reporter’s disability! Here is your Answer Meryl Streep !

Posted by Donald Trump, America’s President on Monday, January 9, 2017

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