Obama Changes His Mind on Trump

President Barack Obama and the left laughed off a potential Donald Trump Republican nomination and potential presidency. Now, with just six weeks left until the election, Obama’s not laughing anymore.Ben LaBolt, a former White House aide and press secretary for Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign, noted how serious things have become, Politico reported:

“I’m trying to think of a series to compare it to, which was a series that started as a comedy and became a high stakes drama.”

He added, “I feel like we’re maybe in the fifth season of ‘Breaking Bad’ here. We’re way beyond the laughs, and just sitting on the edge of our seats in terror.”

Another senior Obama campaign staffer was similarly grim:

“There’s not a lot of mirth in the circles I run in about him.”

According to Politico, Obama himself is concerned about the election and what he could have done differently to explain his policies — which showed just how little Obama understands America. His policies have failed Americans — including many who voted for him and who are now waking up to the mistake they made four or eight years ago.

Jim Papa, a former special assistant for legislative affairs in the White House, made remarks to Politico that proved how painfully out of touch the Democrat Party is and what a textbook penchant for projection it has:

“We are still the country that elected Barack Obama in 2008, and we are capable of that and more. But we’re also capable of making bad choices and being seduced by someone who plays to fears and anxieties and racial differences.”

Although Papa was talking about Trump, his words were actually descriptive of Obama. People in this country voted for Obama in many cases because of identity politics. Once again we see a Democrat projecting his own party’s dysfunctional outlook onto the opposition.

Obama was recently on the campaign trail for Clinton when he said that he would take it as a “personal insult” if black voters either sat out the election or voted for someone other than Clinton. That exemplified racial divisiveness and it also exemplified Obama’s legacy of racial divisiveness.

Trump voters, notwithstanding Democrat slander, have embraced the opposite of that legacy via a campaign that offers the opportunity to “Make America Great Again.”

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source conservative tribune

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