New Reports Claim Hillary Is Receiving BLOOD TRANSFUSIONS

Hillary Clinton was hoping that she had laid to rest all the concerns about her health. That’s why it came as bad news to her when a video went viral this week claiming that she is receiving blood transfusions for her failing health.If Hillary isn’t healthy enough to run an effective presidential campaign, she DEFINITELY isn’t health enough to be president!

Is Hillary Clinton using blood transfusions to improve her health?

Powerful figures throughout history from Leonardo da Vinci to the ancient greeks have viewed the blood of the young as an avenue to prolonged life.

In 2001, the Queen Mother received an 8-hour long blood transfusion days before her 101st birthday. More recently, venture capitalist and billionaire Peter Thiel has praised the practice for its potential life extending abilities.

Given the Clintons long history with the blood market, most notably the 1980s scandal surrounding Health Management Associates (HMA) and the selling of blood from Arkansas prisoners, questions arise as to whether the Democrat nominee is using the medical procedure to improve her appearance.


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