Muslim Slapped Girl, What She Did Nobody Expected

We said it once will say it again…you should never judge a book by its cover!

A Muslim man learned in a hard way that sometimes the most dangerous people don’t look dangerous at all. This man found out at that he can’t force a woman to dance with him against her will.

The man asked got a huge surprise when he approached a Chinese girl at a party and wanted to dance to dance with her. But, things took a turn when she declined, prompting the man to make the biggest mistake of his life – he slapped her.

The problem for him was that she appeared much more ready for a physical confrontation that he did.

Watch the video:

You know the phrase she’s just playing “Hard to get”? Well, this girl is REALLY “Hard to get”! Good for her! Without a second, she immediately defended herself and put the man where he belongs…on the ground!

Let’s hope that because of this he won’t be bothering any more people.

Sadly, these people only know how to act with VIOLENCE, and they have NO RESPECT for women AT ALL.

This should NOT be tolerated in this country! Muslims think they can do whatever they hell want to women everywhere just because that’s fine in their country! But NOT here!!

WAKE UP AMERICA! Slapping a lady just because she won’t dance with you isn’t what American men do.

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