Millions Will Occupy DNC Convention Are You One of Them?

Hillary Clinton will soon be feeling the Bern in the form of millions of Bernie Sanders supporters bent on shaping history. They are fighting for a history with President Sanders and without another President Clinton. Fans of Bernie Sanders who believe the primary system is rigged against his candidacy are taking their fight to the convention.The city of Philadelphia has already issued several permits to pro-Sanders organizations that look to be for huge groups of protesters, and one of the largest groups promises to be “Occupy DNC,” an offshoot of the Occupy movement from 2010. Organizers are vowing to have one million dissenters attend the Democratic National Convention.

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Hillary Clinton will not be able to unify the party, according to most Sanders fans. A recent poll of over 21,000 Bernie Sanders supporters shows that just seven percent of them would ever vote for Hillary. It was previously predicted that only 25 percent of Bernie Supporters would refuse to vote for Clinton. Now, nearly all Sanders supporters are angry with Hillary and the DNC. This comment in The Ralph Retort, explains what is brewing.

“The reality is that unity of Democratic party is in extreme peril. Leaked documents from the hack stand as proof that the DNC had been planning on Hillary Clinton to be the party’s nominee since long before a single vote was even cast. The Bernie or bust camp was already growing, especially after massive scandals like the ‘secret win’ controversy— but now gasoline has been dumped on the fire, and the buster movement is growing ever stronger by the minute.”

“WE’RE READY TO GO! Our goal is 50,000 new members ASAP and 1 MILLION STRONG TO THE CONVENTION! Everyone add as many Bernie supporters as you can to make this happen — nothing more important than 1 Million strong!” organizer Laurie Cestnick wrote in the “Occupy DNC Convenion” Facebook group. Occupy DNC will occupy FDR park just down the street from the convention center. According to their Facebook page, they’re already organizing travel to the conventions as well as room and board, with instructions on how to take Greyhound buses, where to camp and how to survive three days in the wilderness of Philadelphia.

Meanwhile, other Bernie supporters have secured permits to hold protests near the convention site.

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